Navy Denied Again

A federal judge denied Navy officials yet a third time the chance to spend money on planning and permits, while the Navy appeals a hault building injuntion on a proposed outlying landing feild in both Washington and Beaufort counties.

Saturday Navy officials told WITN they are disappointed with the ruling made by Judge Terrence Boyle Friday. Although Navy officials could not go in front of our camera's Commander Kevin G. Aandahl of the US Fleet Forces Command did release this statement to WITN

"Every day we are prohibited from moving forward on this project is detremental to the Navy. We continue to stand by the meticulous and exhaustive research that went into the preperation of the final environmental impact statement, and the resulting record of decision, and maintain that the Washington County olf site best meets the need of the Navy and the nation it serves. The Navy will continue to pursue our case and we expect a favorable resolution."

Some supporters of an outlying landing field in the east say the olf will bring new jobs along with a 40-million dollar economic jolt that will also keep local bases from feeling the pinch of soon-to-come base re-alignments. Opponents of the outlying landing field say the FA-18 Super Hornet jets will cause both noise and environmental distress.