Teenager Killed in Fatal Hit and Run

State Highway Patrol officers are looking for a driver involved in a fatal hit and run Saturday night.

Troopers say that 16 year old Michael Devon Staton and a friend were walking along Old River Road around 6:15 Saturday night, when a car coming from behind them crossed both lanes and struck Staton, killing him on contact. Both State Highway Patrol and Pitt County Sheriff's deputies are looking for a teal green Dodge Intrepid, believed to be the car that hit the boy, and fled the scene. Officials do say this could have been a deliberate act and that they are not ruling anything out at the moment. Law enforcement is also searching for a towing vehicle that was reported to have towed the suspect's car from the Victory Village Mobile Home Park at around 12:30 Sunday afternoon. Anyone with information on the suspected car, or towing service is asked to call the Pitt County Sheriff's Department.