Changing Charlotte skyline a challenge to Postcard Company

There was a time that taking a picture of the Charlotte skyline wasn't too much of a challenge.

These days, it's almost impossible, especially if you're trying to produce a postcard.

Catherine Joseph runs an agency that produces postcards. She says the Charlotte skyline is changing so fast that her company can't keep up.

Charlotte Center City Partners is now tracking 22 office, residential and mixed-use projects underway inside the city's beltline. Among them the 53-story EpiCentre, a 48-story Wachovia tower and a 32-story Bank of America tower. Nearly a dozen more projects are proposed for completion by 2010.

Each of the projects could force Joseph's company to update its postcards again. Typically, updates are done every three years, but the family-run company has dropped it to two years, and may have to start reshooting annually.