Whitewater Center Loses $1.7 Million In First Year

The U.S. National Whitewater Center says it will ask local governments to cover an estimated $1.7 million loss in its first year of operation.

The center expected to lose money, but only about $405,000.

Center officials told the Charlotte City Council that they thought more rafters would use the facility. More people visited the center than expected, but not as many paid to raft. Entrance to the facility is free.

The $1.7 million loss is about $1.3 million more than expected.

Six area governments in Mecklenburg and Gaston counties had already
pledged up to $12 million to cover losses for the first seven years.

The center opened in November. Along with its whitewater rapids,
center attractions include a climbing tower, a restaurant, bike trails and a conference center.