In Depth Investigation: Drunk Driving

Getting behind the wheel drunk is the worst thing you could ever do. Not only are you taking your own life into your hands, but you're risking the lives of others too.

Donna Scheck of Havelock is one person who knows the devastation a drunk driver can have on a family. Donna lost not one, but three of her children to drunk drivers in a span of four years. Then, eight-year-old Clifford and 10-year-old Savanna were killed while visiting in Pennsylvania. A drunk driver, now serving time behind bars, came over an embankment at 50 miles an hour and hit Savanna, burying her in an embankment. Donna says Clifford took the full force of the vehicle head on. The impact flipped him over the car and he was dragged for about 30 feet before the car released him. Every bone in his body was crushed.

Four years later, Donna got a call from her father in law in Florida. He told her that her daughter, 16-year-old Cansus, had been killed not by one, but by two drivers who had tested positive for drinking. Cansus, along with four others, were pushed into a cable box where the car exploded, and all five were burned beyond recognition. That case is still tied up in the courts. The two suspects have not been convicted of drunk driving, but have remained in jail.