Bar Owner and Neighbors to Meet in Court

After months of legal hurdles in the Beaufort County Superior Court room, a business owner and a neighborhood pressing charges against her and her establishment for dozens of noise violations will meet face to face in trial court next week.

Tuesday, Synthia Perez and her restaurant and bar, Desperado's, will have to face the music after being charged for playing loud music in nearly 18 different instances according to the district attorney's office. So far, Perez has been sentenced in District Court by Judge Michael Paul to five consecutive 30-day jail terms and five $500 fines. These cases all have been appealed.

We tried to contact Desperado's for comment, but they were unavailable. Thirteen separate violations on 18 charges will be heard in Superior Court. The county ordinance prohibits any unreasonably loud and disturbing noise including sound amplification between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m.