SBI Looks Into Death Of Man Tasered At Jail

The SBI has been called in to investigate the death of a Hendersonville man who had an apparent heart attack after deputies subdued him with a stun gun at the jail.

Henderson County Sheriff Rick Davis says it's not known if the Taser contributed to Stefan McMinn's death.

Police arrested McMinn Friday night on charges of drunk and disruptive and resisting arrest. The sheriff's office says after he arrived at the jail, McMinn became combative with officers and was hit with a stun gun. The 44-year-old McMinn appeared to have a heart attack and was taken to Pardee Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

It's the second reported death in less than a month under investigation in western North Carolina involving a Taser.

Morganton Police Chief Mark Tolbert says Donald Clarke Grant fell and hit his head Oct. 13 after two officers subdued him with a stun gun. Grant died the next morning.