$11,000 In Purchases Racked Up With Fraudulent Debit Card

Someone in the Greenville area is using a fraudulent debit card to rack up thousands of dollars in purchases.

Greenville police say Wells Fargo Bank reports a customer's out of state account was compromised, and somehow thieves obtained a debit card in their name. So far $11,000 in purchases and ATM withdrawals have been made.

Police today released surveillance photos of people who used the card at a local grocery store. One of the two men was wearing blue shoes. To view the surveillance photos, click on the story image to see the slideshow.

Detectives are also trying to determining if the thieves are using other forged or stolen ATM cards.

Anybody who can identify the people in the pictures should contact Greenville police at 252-329-4359 or CrimeStoppers at 252-758-7777.