11 Years Of Prison For Robbing Dollar Store While Wearing GPS

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A Craven County man will spend at least 11 and a half years in prison after pleading guilty to robbing a local dollar store while wearing a GPS ankle bracelet.

District Attorney Scott Thomas says 30-year-old Andrew Elder of Bridgeton plead guilty to robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery, and possession of a weapon of mass destruction among other charges.

Investigators said Elder was on pretrial release for unrelated charges and was being monitored using a GPD ankle bracelet.

Officials said Elder thought the unit was turned off during the daytime so he could go to work, and investigators said he used that time to plan and committ an armed robbery of the Bridgeton Dollar General store with Samuel Gaskins and Ciara Ambrose-Lewis.

Detectives say on the afternoon of March 13th of 2012, Gaskins and Elder used masks and guns to rob the store of $210 in cash. Police said the pair then rushed out, stashing their weapons, money, and masks in Ambrose-Lewis van parked nearby. Investigators say the pair then took off in Elder's Jeep.

Police said between an eye witness and a little digging, they connected the getaway vehicle to Elder and tracked his GPS history to the Dollar General store at the time of the armed robbery.

District Attorney Scott Thomas says Elder eventually confessed, once he learned police had tracked his ankle bracelet to the store at the time of the crime, and implicated his accused accomplices before a four day trial in Craven County.

Elder was found guilty of the crimes and given a mandatory prison sentence of 11 and a half years.

Gaskins was previously sentenced to 13-19 years in prison, while Ambrose-Lewis is still awaiting trial.