Daylight Saving Time Dangers On The Road

As we fall back a hour for Daylight Saving, on Sunday, Highway Patrol Troopers say it's also the time of year when its more dangerous on the roads.

The N.C. Department Of Transportation Is reminding motorists the switch back to standard time means the sun will set an hour earlier in the day and leave less light for evening commuters.

According to statistics, more than eight hundred pedestrians statewide were involved in vehicle crashes during dusk and nighttime hours last year.

Besides pedestrians in danger, drivers also need to be cautious of other roadway distractions says 1st Sgt. Marvin Williams.

"During this of the year we tell everyone to make sure that they're cautions in area where there are like deer crossings zones or rural areas where the potential for animals crossing into their paths and creating collisions."

Troopers advise pedestrians walk on sidewalks were available and face oncoming traffic.