Freed Death Row Prisoners In NC Speaking For Moratorium

Eighteen former death row inmates want North Carolinians to push for a moratorium on executions. The men, who were all cleared of their crimes and freed, say there's too great a danger of mistakes that could cause an innocent person to be put to death.

The prisoners, from across the country, were assembled by a Pennsylvania group called Witness to Innocence. They held a news conference yesterday outside the Legislative Building in Raleigh to share their stories and urge the public and lawmakers to halt capital punishment in the state.

The men say the criminal justice systems in the states where they were sentenced had problems similar to North Carolina's, including cases of prosecutorial misconduct and inadequate defense. They counted at least five cases in which prisoners were released from North Carolina's death row.

North Carolina hasn't executed anyone since August 2006 while the courts work through a legal debate related to the fairness of lethal injection.