Judge Mathis Rules Man Can Keep Amputated Leg

Nobody needs two left feet. Television show Judge Greg Mathis says a Simpsonville, SC man whose amputated left leg ended up in a smoker that was auctioned off should get to keep his limb.

Shannon Whisnant of Maiden, NC, bought the smoker, found the leg and planned to build a museum and charge people $10 to look at the limb.

Wood had retrieved the leg earlier this month but Whisnant filed a claim for it. He said he bought it and should get it.

Mathis told Whisnant in a show broadcaston WITN today that he won't get the leg. But the judge did order Wood to reimburse Whisnant $5,000.

Whisnant said he had received calls from around the world from people wanting to see the leg.

Wood said he wanted to keep the leg so it can be cremated with him.