Free Emission Tests in Greenville

Ever thought of how much your everyday activity could negatively effect the ozone? Nearly 70 percent of air pollution is cause by something most of us do every day, drive cars!

This weekend drivers in Greenville learned just how much vehicles on the road do harm the air around us. At a statewide car clinic that's been running since September 25th, the North Carolina Division of Air Quality held a free vehicle emission test at the Wal-mart parking lot Saturday and Sunday. These 5-minute tests were done by inspectors that not only use on-board diagnostic computer systems to measure vehicle emissions, but the tests also help drivers recognize foreseeable problems with their vehicles. In addition drivers at this clinic learned that some major changes are underway for emission testing in the near future.

Those emission changes in Pitt County go into effect January 1st, 2005. To find out more about emissions testing you can contact the North Carolina Division of Air Quality in Raleigh at (919) 733-3340.