Three Elephants Arrive At NC Zoo, Largest Collection Ever

The North Carolina Zoo has more elephants than it's ever had before. Three new elephants arrived at the zoo this weekend, bringing the total to seven.

They were placed in a new holding barn that was constructed in the zoo's recent $8.5 million renovation and expansion of the rhinoceros and elephant facilities.

Artie is a 24-year-old male who arrived Friday. Tonga, a 29-year-old female, and her 5-year-old female calf, Batir, were delivered Sunday. All three traveled to Asheboro via truck fromRiddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary near Greenbrier, Ark.

Following a mandatory 30-day quarantine required of all new animals arriving at the zoo, the three elephants will be gradually introduced to the rest of the elephant collection. That process could take several months.