Crime Cripples Livelihoods Of Those Who Live Near East Carolina University

It's like a reoccurring theme around East Carolina University and a disturbing fact of life for residents who live through it.

East Carolina Officials say a non student was physically assaulted and robbed on Summit Street between First and Second Streets around 4 Saturday morning.

It's another criminal act in this neighborhood that has long time residents, Russell and Lucille Whichard concerned. They say in the 57 years of living on Summit Street, crime is the worst it's been and has change the way they live.

"Well, we don't go to bed with our door unlocked anymore we used to sleep on the porch and never lock the door, but we don't do that anymore. When we leave the house we lock up everything now where we use to not do that, but now we lock up everything." say Lucille Whichard.

Authorities says they aggressively patrolled the area looking for three suspects after the incident on Summit Street.

They suggest anyone who needs to walk home that early in the morning to call ECU Police or SAFE ride