Water Bills Down At Governor's Mansion

He's doing his part.

Gov. Mike Easley, who asked North Carolinians to drastically cut their water use, is apparently doing the same at his official residence in Raleigh.

Recent water bills show that Easley, his wife and the 40-odd people who work at the mansion are conserving. The bimonthly bills show that, on average, the mansion's water consumption dropped from March to June.

Easley asked state residents to cut their water use by 20 percent in August. His staff listened; at the mansion, average daily use from July through September dropped by 29 percent.

The mansion is more than Easley's home in town. It has a round-the-clock security detail in addition to the dayside staff, and employee uniforms are washed on site. It also hosts receptions and public tours.

The governor recently asked people to cut their water use by another 50 percent, but the mansion's water bills for that period aren't out yet

His staff declined to release water bills for his private residence in Southport.