Wrongly Convicted Man Freed After Serving 18 Years Sued For Child Support

A man who spent 18 years in a North Carolina prison for the rape of a child he never met now faces another trial: a lawsuit demanding that he pay 18 years of child support.

A judge ordered Dwayne Allen Dail released from prison in August after DNA showed he didn't assault the 12-year-old girl. Gov. Mike
Easley pardoned him this month.

Dail hopes to receive $360,000 from the state, based on a law that allows him to collect $20,000 for every year he spent in prison.

His former girlfriend, Lori Michaels, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in Wayne County District Court demanding that Dail pay support for their son, Chris, who was born after Dail began serving his jail sentence.

The lawsuit was served on Dail in Fort Myers, Fla., where he moved after his release -- and where his son now lives with him.