Top Ten Tips To Use Less Water

Whether it's taking a shower or washing the dishes, Governor Mike Easley wants North Carolinians to cut their water use in half by Halloween. Easley also says, the state will be checking each area's water usage levels to see if North Carolinians are heeding the call.

The Governor's Office released this list of Top 10 Ways to Reduce Water Conservation.

1. Stop watering lawns and shrubbery at homes and businesses; do not wash down homes, driveways or sidewalks; do not wash cars; and restaurants should ONLY serve water when patrons ask.
2. Check your plumbing to be sure it is not wasteful.
3. Check for leaks and repair them. In a typical home, leaks amount to about 15 percent of all household indoor water use.
4. Use indoor water wisely. Turn off water while shampooing, shaving and brushing your teeth to reduce the time water is running.
5. Take time to locate your main water shut-off valve and the water meter in your yard. Knowing where the main shut-off is can potentially prevent the loss of thousands of gallons of water.
6. Use dry cleanup methods to reduce both indoor and outdoor water use. Instead of hosing off your driveway and patio, use a broom to sweep away debris.
7. Take advantage of free water. Catch rainwater from your gutters and use it to water your flowers and vegetables. Collect water from the bath/shower while waiting for it to heat up; use for watering plants.
8. Use appliances wisely. Run washing machines and dishwashers only with full loads to maximize efficiency.
9. Avoid washing vehicles. If washing is absolutely necessary, use a commercial carwash that recycles water.
10. Avoid using sink disposals for food scraps.

For more ideas and water conservation information , click on the “Water Conservation Tips” link on the upper right of the governor’s website,

Here is the full release from Governor Mike Easley:
Gov. Mike Easley today announced he is calling on citizens across North Carolina to cut water consumption by 50 percent between now and Halloween. In addition, he has asked each of the state’s public water systems to increase reporting to the state by recording the amount of water used daily and sending that information weekly to his office. The consumption totals will be made available to the public to help communities and the public monitor the success of water-saving measures.

“Between now and Halloween, I am calling on North Carolinians across the state to cut our water use by half,” Easley said. “Whenever you use water, cut the amount by half, whether it is taking a shower or washing the dishes. We all need to know whether this will be extremely difficult or easily do-able, but we do need to establish a baseline of water use to determine which water conservation measures are most effective. We likely will spot important trends and pick up valuable conservation methods that communities can share. I appreciate the cooperation from all of the state’s public water systems, local officials and our citizens.”

Easley said his office will collect and distribute this detailed water consumption information as long as the drought persists. As Easley noted in an address to the North Carolina League of Municipalities last week, the state is suffering from the worst drought on record and water resources are critically low. Water consumption must be reduced now and for the foreseeable future if we are to avoid a water supply emergency.

Starting today with “Operation Halve-It,” the governor’s office will monitor water consumption by the state’s public water systems, and after Halloween, the governor will release a list of those systems that have significantly reduced their consumption. Some communities, such as Siler City, have already asked residents to cut water consumption by 50 percent.

“With a full week’s report, we will be able to determine the amount of water saved by each community while our citizens give us their best effort to cut water use by one-half. This will be valuable information to have if we get to a situation where rationing is needed,” said Easley. “After Halloween, we may modify this request, depending on the success of ‘Operation Halve-It.’”