Some Greensboro Residents Upset Over Water Restriction Disparities

While Greensboro's new water restrictions ban homeowners or businesses from using sprinkler on their grass, golf courses and athletic fields have limited privilege.

Some people say it's time for everyone to abide by one rule.

One Greensboro resident who's installed a system that collects rainwater at his house points to the bright green football field near his home. He says if it's not going to rain, everyone should have to stop watering.

Water resources director Allan Williams says golf courses and ball fields aren't necessarily a huge drain on city reservoirs. He estimated they probably account for less than 3 percent of the city's total water use.

Doug Lowe maintains the courses at Greensboro Country Club and says he stopped watering fairways in August and now has stopped watering tee boxes as well.

He says it would be disastrous to stop watering the greens.