Former Duke Lacrosse Coach Files Lawsuit Against University

The former head coach of the Duke University men's lacrosse team is suing the school.

Mike Pressler was forced out last year amid allegations that three of his players raped a stripper. Those allegations turned out to be unfounded and the North Carolina attorney general this year declared the players totally innocent.

Pressler's lawsuit apparently stems from a financial settlement he reached with the school. The Herald-Sun of Durham says disparaging comments by Duke's vice president broke a confidentiality agreement.

The paper reports Pressler wants a state court to void the settlement and hold a trial on his claim that he was wrongfully fired.

Duke officials accuse Pressler of "trying to undo" the settlement and say they're disappointed.

The players have also reached an undisclosed financial settlement with the school, and have filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against prosecutors and others who handled the case.