Be Careful When Buying a Used Car

With the recent flooding from hurricanes in the Southeastern U.S., car buyers need to be aware of cars for sale that may have been flooded out. So car experts have advice for anyone hoping to avoid being sold a soggy lemon.

One sign to look for is whether of not the inside of the car smells musty or of mildew. Check for signs of rust or mud in the trunk and underneath the dashboard. Also check to see if all the gauges in the dashboard work properly. But if you have any questions about a particular car, you can have a mechanic look it over before you buy it.

Car dealership owner Craig Goess recommends you buy from someone who is reputable. It's important to know the dealership will back up the customer. Another way to know if a car you're interested in has been flooded is to go to and look up it's history.