John Edwards Dismisses Clinton's Lead

Democrat John Edwards is making light of Hillary Rodham Clinton's big lead in national polls, saying Howard Dean looked like a lock to win the nomination four years ago.

The latest polling shows Clinton leads in Iowa as well nationally. The Des Moines Register on Sunday had her at 29 percent in the state, up from 21 percent previously, with Edwards at 23 percent, down from 29. Barack Obama was at 22 percent.

Asked about a belief among some that a Clinton nomination is
inevitable, Edwards responded that he "lived through the
inevitably of Howard Dean." Edwards says his organization is much
stronger than at this point in 2004 when he eventually won a
surprise second-place finish.

Dean is now chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He
was the front-runner in polls and fundraising in the 2004 election
cycle before finishing third in the Iowa caucuses behind John Kerry
and Edwards.