Study On Tasers and Stun Guns Reveals Important Information

Tasers and similar stun guns are generally safe for police to use but can be deadly. That's according to a study done by Wake Forest University and paid for by the Justice Department.

In the review of 962 reported cases of people jolted with such
weapons, 99.7 percent had no injuries or minor ones that did not
require hospitalization. Two subjects in the study died, but
autopsies found neither death was related to use of a Taser.

The research was presented Monday in Seattle at a national
research forum of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Dr. William P. Bozeman of the Wake Forest University School of
Medicine says while the numbers show it's not likely a person would
be killed by a Taser, it's not impossible.

Critics say the devices are prone to misuse by police who fire
them too readily without considering the consequences for subjects
who may be mentally ill, high on drugs or vulnerable because of
medical conditions.