Defense Attacks Confession From Mentally Retarded Man

Defense witnesses have attacked a confession from a mentally retarded murder defendant who's been behind bars for 14 years without a trial.

Lawyers for Floyd Brown of Wadesboro have asked a Durham judge
to free their client from a state mental hospital. The 43-year-old Brown has been held since he was charged in 1993 with the beating of 80-year-old Catherine Lynch, who lived down the street from Brown.

Brown signed a typed confession, but forensic psychologist Moira
Artiques testified that the language in that confession doesn't resemble anything he has said before.

Artiques last examined Brown on Friday and said his IQ is in the 50s, which she says is mild mental retardation.

Dr. Mark Hazelrig is a forensic psychologist at Dorothea Dix Hospital, and he testified that the flowing narrative language used in the confession wasn't normal for Brown.