Democrats Say Dole Is A Easy Target, Though No One Has Challenged Her

There are plenty of Democrats who think North Carolina Sen. Elizabeth Dole is an easy target.

But finding someone to challenge her is a different matter.

Outgoing Gov. Mike Easley says he's not interested in the Senate.

Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue and Treasurer Richard Moore both want to succeed Easley. Attorney General Roy Cooper wants to stay put.

Rep. Brad Miller likes his increased stature in the Democratic-led House. Democrats say Dole is too closely linked to President Bush on
the Iraq war. They point to the fact that, as her party's chief fundraiser in the Senate, she failed last year to raise enough money to keep the GOP in control.

They also says Dole is just as likely to spend time in her Watergate apartment on the weekends as she is to be visiting with constituents back home.

The only candidate in the race so far is Jim Neal, a fundraiser for 2004 presidential candidates who has never run for public office.