North Carolina Seafood Festival's Purpose Undying

When we think of the North Carolina Seafood Festival it makes us think of fried shrimp, funnel cakes, and amusement rides. Over the years the food and entertainment may change, but the mission of the festival remains the same.

The festival aims to educate the public about the seafood industry. It also boosts tourism during the off-season, establishes a scholarship program for educational purposes, publicizes the wide variety of seafood indigenous to our waters, and helps civic, non-profit, and church organizations raise funds. The first festival in 1987 cost sixty thousand bucks and brought in thirty five thousand people.

Two decades later, that number has risen to one hundred fifty thousand people, along with many other positive changes, thanks to a lot of hard work.

Something else that has changed over the past twenty one years is the collectible seafood festival poster.