Mother, Child Kidnapped From Jacksonville Shopping Center

A woman and her two year old son are safe tonight after police say they were kidnapped in Jacksonville today.

Charged with two counts of kidnapping, armed robbery, theft of a car and carrying a concealed weapon is 25 year old Gieon Stevens of Jacksonville.

Police say it happened just before noon at the New River Shopping Center when Stevens put a gun to Kristen Hewitt's head.

The gunman then drove her car toward the U.S. 17 bypass and asked Hewitt if she had anything of value on her or in her bank account. The mother said she had neither. Police say Stevens then tied both mother and child up with zip ties, robbed Hewitt of $2 and made them lay in tall grass along the highway.

Police say after Stevens drove off, Hewitt was able to flag down a passing police car.

Officers say they spotted the stolen car with Stevens inside at the Navy Federal Credit Union on Highway 17 south. Stevens is in jail tonight on a $100,000 bond.