Report: Blackwater USA Fired 122 Employees In Past Three Years

A report from a congressional committee shows private security contractor Blackwater USA has had to fire 122 employees over the past three years for a variety of problems.

The report also says Blackwater has been involved in 195 shooting incidents since 2005, or roughly 1.4 per week.

The majority staff of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee released the report today. It says the problems range from misusing weapons, alcohol and drug violations, inappropriate conduct and violent behavior. The firings represent roughly one-seventh of the work force that Blackwater has in Iraq, a ratio that raises questions about the quality of the people working for the company.

Blackwater is based in Moyock. It's the biggest of the State Department's three private security contractors.
According to the 15-page report, Blackwater has had more shooting
incidents than the other two companies combined.
So far, no comment from Blackwater.

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