Local Parents Worry About Losing Federally Funding Health Insurance For Kids

With so many children in our state uninsured, parents in our area hope the federal budget will include low cost health insurance for kids.

Democrats are trying to persuade the President to back the 35 billion-dollar expansion of the child healthcare insurance.

President Bush says Congress' expanded plan is too expensive and he'll veto it.

But that decision could affect parents like Lynn Faircloth from Pitt County, who says, for the past three years, she has used the federally funded, N.C. Health Choice Plan, to provide insurance to her two children.

She say both of them have diagnosis medical condition which cost her more than she could afford.

Bryan Averette, the program assistant for the North Carolina Health Choice Plan in Pitt county says there are close to 17 hundred kids in the county under this plan.

For now, the federal budget will allow the children's insurance program to continue at current level through mid-November.