Windy Weather Fuels Field Fire In Pitt County

The conditions outside may have contributed to a field fire that came awfully close to a line of trees sheltering a nearby neighborhood.

The Red Oak Fire Department responded around 10:30 this morning to a freshly cut corn field off of Davenport Farm Road in Pitt County.

Firefighters say early indicators show the property owner was burning debris when winds may have picked up embers setting the dry field nearby on fire.

Crews say were able to get a handle on the flames, but fast winds started igniting hotspots.

Chief Chad Singleton with The Red Oak Fire Department says, though the burn ban in our state has been lifted, it doesn't mean it's absolutely safe to do so.

"You still have to take precautions as far as the property owners to ensure that we're burning in the proper way, proper feet from the residence to make sure we have adequate water source around the burn itself and make sure you received the proper permits to perform any burning exercise." says Singleton.

The burn ban was lifted a week ago and firefighters say the owner told them he had a permit to burn.