Local Woman's Survival Story To Air On A&E

She was stabbed over twenty seven times, cut in the throat ear to ear, and left for dead. It was an attack in 2004 that nearly killed Denise McClain of Jacksonville. But she lived through it, and will talk about it next month on a show to air on A&E called "I survive."

In 2004 she was working at the family dollar in Jacksonville when around 2 o'clock she noticed two men: Sean Curtis and Timothy Lehman come into the store.

Those two men eventually stabbed her twenty seven times. She was hospitalized for six days. McClain never went back to work and sleeps by her front door at night.

But one year ago she forgave the two men who nearly took her life. Denise says, her profile on the show, "I survive" will air sometime in late October on A&E.