Construction Project In Eastern Carolina Connected To Rebuilding Of Collapsed Minneapolis Bridge

The Minnesota bridge collapse in early August changed the way people viewed the construction of bridges they travel on daily. A major project here in Eastern Carolina to build a seven mile bypass in Beaufort County has an interesting connection to the rebuilding of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis.

Flatiron Construction is building both bridges, having just been awarded the bid to replace the Minneapolis bridge that collapsed last month.

The Beaufort County bridge is slated to ease heavy traffic between Chocowinity and Washington by bypassing the small towns. Constructors are also using new top down technology to build the new bypass.

Wetlands that this bridge will be built over will also extend construction to a three year span instead of fourteen months like the rebuilding efforts in Minneapolis.

Constructors will use the new technology for a three mile span. The Beaufort County bypass is expected to be completed in August of 2010.