Double Murder Trial In Craven County Marks First Time Victims Families Speak

Thursday marked day two of testimony of the Vaughn Jones double murder trial in Craven County. That's when the family of the murdered Rosa and Richard Flowers testified for the first time.

The two were found dead in their Pamilico County home in January of 2003. Thirty seven year old Vaughn Jones, who worked at their parents business is charged in their murders.

Thursday, Teresa Flowers told the jury how she uncovered her parents bodies, the morning, after they were both brutally stabbed and left for dead.

Tearful testimony was heard as she recounted calling 911, and then saw a butcher knife in the kitchen, a knife she thought was out of place.

Special prosecutor David McFayden asked her if anything else was out of place. She noticed a blood stain on the front door, and her mother's purse scattered on the floor. Testimony in this case is expected to last seven to ten days.