Drought Eases A Bit Thanks To Recent Rains

The drought which has plagued Eastern Carolina is easing somewhat.

The latest maps from the North Carolina Drought Advisory Council released today show Onslow, Jones, and Craven counties are no longer in an extreme drought. Those counties are now in a severe drought, the next lowest category.

Statewide 8 counties remain under exceptional drought conditions,
77 under extreme drought and 12 in the severe drought category.

Carteret, Pamlico and Hyde counties are the only areas of the state under moderate drought conditions.

Forecasters have told a state panel today that the high temperatures of August only worsened North Carolina's drought, and the coming months are expected to bring little relief.

Officials say the winter is expected to be drier than normal, although lower temperatures will reduce evaporation. Some water officials told the Drought Management Advisory Council that their cities have water supplies of less than six months.