Police Are Asking For Public's Help In Foiling Rash Of Vehicle Break-Ins

As of September 25, the Rocky Mount Police Department has reported an increase of larcenies from vehicles within the North and West Districts, particularly in these neighborhoods: West District - Habersham Ct., Mansfield Dr., Winders Creek Dr. , Honeysuckle Ln., KandemorLn, Mayfair Dr., Periwinkle Pl., South St., Stoneybrook Rd., the 3700 block of Sunset Ave., and Westmoreland Dr.North Distric t - 3000 block of N. Church St., Cobblestone Ct., Sutters Creek Blvd., and the 1800block of N. Wesleyan Blvd. (commercial area).

The Rocky Mount Police Department is seeking the assistance of its citizens in two ways. The first is to report any suspicious activity, persons or vehicles in these areas by calling 911 or 972-1411. The second way is to secure valuable items. In many of the city's vehicle breakins/larcenies in the past month, owners left valuables such as cash, wallets, MP3 players, cell phones, purses, computers, and compact discs visible to thieves inside unlocked vehicles.
Owners taking the extra precaution of locking their doors and removing valuables from plain sight can deter these break- ins and larcenies.

Police ask the public to practice the following crime prevention
1. Vehicle windows should be closed and doors should be locked at all times.
2. Keys should not be left in the vehicle.
3. Use an alarm if your vehicle is equipped with one.
4. Valuables should not be left in the vehicle, especially in clear view. Items such as wallets, CDs, laptops, gym bags, bank envelopes and purses should be removed from the vehicle.
5. Park in an area with good lighting.
6. Report suspicious activity immediately.