Report Says Indecency Fines on the Way

An update now on an issue WITN continues to follow "The TV Debate: Dirty or Decent. The Washington Post is reporting that the Federal Communications Commission is set to impose a record fine against CBS stations for this year's Super Bowl half-time incident.

This was one of the many issues we examined in our in-depth series earlier this year. Should CBS be fined for singer Janet Jackson's alleged wardrobe malfunction, which led to her breast being exposed on the air? More than 500,000 complaints were filed.

According to Washington Post sources, the commission is now poised to fine CBS in excess of $500,000. The article also says the decision could come as early as next week. A CBS statement from officials said that while they regret the incident occurred, and have apologized to viewers, they continue to believe that nothing in the Super Bowl broadcast violated indecency laws.