Busy Time For Tow Truck Drivers

The past couple of days have been extremely busy for tow truck drivers will major wrecks and numerous fender benders.

W.A. Parker, truck foreman at Parker's garage in Kinston, says his crews have been coming to rescue of many people during the winter weather.

Parker says, "Are they experienced drivers, inexperienced drivers? It don't matter. It can affect all of us. It can catch anybody off guard"

Garage owner Dennis Parker says, "A lot of people are scared to drive in the snow in the first place, so that causes overreaction a lot of the times."

Dennis Parker says if you do start slide, "Let off the gas and let the vehicle straighten out and cautiously proceed on."

He also says, "I think the best thing for people in this type of weather is to go home and practice their mechanical skills like putting their rear-end in a recliner"