Local Vietnam Veterans Offer Perspective On PTSD

There are new reports that Aaron Alexis, the suspected gunman in the Washington Navy Yard shooting, sought help from Veterans Affairs hospitals because he was hearing voices and having problems sleeping.

Many say Alexis suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

We spoke to Veterans in Greenville who understand what it's like to suffer from PTSD, and why they believe Alexis could have had other issues.

Al Rice and James Stanley are Army Vietnam Veterans who say they suffer from PTSD.

Rice says he knew it was bad when got into an altercation with a young neighbor years ago. He says, "This guy spit on me and I was choking him and his buddy ran over to me and said you're going to kill him. I said yeah. And I said he ain't worth it and my brain kicked in and said it ain't worth it let him go."

For Stanley, his PTSD is more like paranoia. He says, "Your mind is over active. It will start making problems where there are no problems and it will amplify those things."

Reports indicate Alexis said he was being treated for PTSD.

In a Rhode Island police report, Alexis called officers to his hotel last month claiming he heard voices, he thought people were following him and talking to him through the walls of hotels and sending microwaves through his body. He told the officer he never had a history of mental illness.

Both Stanley & Race aren't convinced Alexis suffered from PTSD.

Rice says, He was schizophrenic or paranoid or schizophrenia , he just went crazy."

Stanley says, "If it was more PTSD I would think they would be more suicidal."

We spoke to a doctor who works with Veterans that suffer from PTSD and they say they are skeptical about Alexis suffering from PTSD as well, and believe he had a schizophrenic episode.