Convenience Store Murder

Goldsboro Police say they are investigating a murder at a local convenience store.

Officers responded to a stabbing call Monday night at Bob's Convenience Store, which is located at 1717 S. Slocumb St., Goldsboro.

Investigators say they found Terry Lavon Singleton had been stabbed. He was transported to Wayne Memorial Hospital, but was pronounced dead there, lawmen say.

The clerk of the convenience store is charged with Singleton's murder, police say. Mohssen Almojaded was put behind bars without bond Monday night. He is 48 years old.

Police want anyone with information about the crime to call Investigator Chris Crawford of the Goldsboro Police Department at (919)
580-4213. People may also call Crime stoppers at (919) 735-2255.

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  • by Neo Location: Reality on Jul 1, 2009 at 05:46 PM
    Jay, I will have to echo Clifton, "why go in the store????" If he had that reputation, why would you let your kid go around him? There is more to this story that has yet to be told.
  • by JAY Location: Goldsboro on Jul 1, 2009 at 03:04 AM
    fitst NEo He is 5 ft at most so who is he gonna slap that short.Secondly read the news on they where not in the store this happened in the parking lot . they knew each other . and i beleive it was domestic . i am kinda familar with the situtation so instead of going to bed wake up lovey..this man is know for making advances on young girl mines was around 14 and when he approach her, after watch her grow up from birth also he's been beaten up for the thing mention earlier.he was shooting aat would be robbers out in day light with no regards to people passing and kids.dont paint him as a innocent man because he is not . if u dont know dont say..STOP THE KILLINGS
  • by Neo Location: Reality on Jun 30, 2009 at 09:08 PM
    Jay, don't you mean, "this man is known to slap the taste out of a thugs mouth for coming in his store, threatening, mouthing or trying to steal". Yea, I thought so, go to bed.
  • by Clifton Location: Washington on Jun 30, 2009 at 05:51 PM
    To Jay..Then why go in the store????? Find another store.
  • by Jay Location: goldsboro on Jun 30, 2009 at 09:07 AM
    this is not the first event this man is known to be paranoid and armed. He will come after a small child and has a very bad anrgy temper toward the people in the community. i have live within feet of this store for the last 20 years. I dont know the whole story but from what i hear the was a history of them two and the man was ask to stay away from the store previouslly and a fight occured and he was stabbed from what i hear he was chased down but the owner and stabbed after the fight. i cannot explained to you the debt of everyone forseeing this happening because it is a constant struggle to go in hs store at times and not come out without having an argrument him suspecting someone of something. i am not just making gestures i know the man personally and witness this ..
  • by Robert Humberstone, Sr. Location: NC on Jun 30, 2009 at 07:57 AM
    Oh there definitely has to be more to this. Guaranteed this man was defending himself from robbery or assault. I've never known any Arabic convenience store owners/workers to be anything but polite and sincerely thankful for your business, as they usually have kids in college or big families. At the very most, they are sometimes reserved, which is understandable. And all of this is coming from someone that don't like anybody, but these people seem to be ok. They're not the ones out there breaking & entering, joining gangs, selling drugs, shooting people, beating their kids or whatever. But knifing someone? I'm with Tad on this. lets see what comes out about this "poor innocent victim," of Almojaded's convenience store rage.
  • by Anonymous Location: Mt. Olive on Jun 30, 2009 at 06:38 AM
    I agree. Slocumb St?'s not Walnut Creek. I just hope GPD does their job investigating and a man protecting his life or property is not sent to prison (if that is the case).
  • by Al Location: Greene Co on Jun 30, 2009 at 06:13 AM
    After living in Goldsboro most of my life my dad being a police police officer there This is a bad area to be in and I am sure this dude was up to no good. This place is in the Hood noted for its high crime rates. It is like Simon Bright in Kinston the police will not go in there unless 2 or more cars are on their way. This place is called Courtyard Apartments. There has been a lot of murders and assaults there over the years . it seems the police and People who live there have gotten a hold of the crimes and it is going down . Thing is the thuggies move somewhere else in another project. Most of the people who live there are good people and work hard but you have the bad element as well. If this man is guilty of murder then his butt should be deported like all other illegal aliens!This guy might have come in his store and said something about Allah and his ethnic background and he felt threatened.Well I hope justice is served the is more that meets the eye here!
  • by Tad Location: Jamesville on Jun 30, 2009 at 03:54 AM
    There is more to this story. Clerks do not make it a habit of stabbing their customers to death, unless of course the customer is up to something no good. I'll be interested to see what else comes out about the actions of this "poor innocent victim".

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