New Rules For Visting At PCMH Start Monday

Monday a new visitation process goes into effect for Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

Everybody visiting will have to check in at the information desk to get a sticker that is color coded for the day of the week and the patients room number.

The patients name will not be on the sticker.

The hospital isn't restricting visitation, but asks pregnant women and parents of children younger than 18 to be careful about visiting. As the flu season progresses, PCMH may implement screening processes for family members and visitors and possibly, restrict visitation and entrances.

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  • by another PCMH RN Location: Greenville on Dec 5, 2009 at 08:26 PM
    I also work at PCMH and the rule is a sticker with the room number. I am ready for them to start limiting visitors and make visiting hours. People can visit their poor family member even after midnight, and who in their right mind wants a visitor after midnight. Also, we are humans and everyone can make a mistake. I take my job seriously and I am proud to be a nurse and to work at PCMH. No place is perfect and you cannot expect perfection. The rules at PCMH are to protect our patients and most of us do our best to do that. Try not to lump us together with a bad experience you may have had. You can get a rude person at a fast food restaurant, are you not going back to that restaurant?
  • by John Y Location: Richlands on Oct 5, 2009 at 01:25 PM
    Yes I have read and reread the article and each time I did it said the same thing "NO NAME". If people did not have something to complain about then they would not have a good day. Lets protect every one and go to level five and this way only the staff will be the only one to suffer. At least they will be in a place were they could be treated for heat and what ever else were one of those suits brings on. Every one becomes so overly sensitive like they are being violated in the worst way. Be thankful that you still live with in the borders of this country and do not have to rely upon another country to treat you. I have been treated at at least five in my life from from birth to brain surgery and to this day I don't think I was mistreated. This was one of them the others are not so much local.Yes some of the staff were not on the up and up however, I was not mistreated.
  • by Concerned Location: Greenville, N. C. on Oct 5, 2009 at 12:05 PM
    HAve you all even read the article. There will be no patient's name on the sticker. Hello!!!
  • by BILLY on Oct 5, 2009 at 08:27 AM
    You are correct SARS- But unless I'm loosing my mind, which is possible, I could swear the original story said visitors would be getting a sticker with the patients name and Room Number. This definetly makes more sense.
  • by SARS Location: Greenville on Oct 5, 2009 at 07:47 AM
    The story clearly states that the patient's name WILL NOT be on the sticker. Read the story before you make comments, folks!
  • by Lynn Location: ENC on Oct 5, 2009 at 06:24 AM
    Yes, we are very fortunate to have a medical facility such as PCMH here in our area. However, they do make mistakes like any other area hospital. They are just better at covering them up because patients are reluctant to report the issues. My family member was recently a patient at PCMH and almost encountered a serious medication error. Thankfully, she was alert enough to question the nurse about the medication. The nurse immediately jumped to the defense and insisted that she was correct. However, after looking into this further, my family member was correct and the medication was not administered. No apology was ever offered. Before my family member could be released, she became frightened to even be left alone there!!!!! So, unless it is a serious illness or trauma, and I don't really have a choice, I'll patronize my local, small hospital.
  • by ??????? Location: eastern NC on Oct 5, 2009 at 06:12 AM
    I have read the posts...first of all, the next thing that PCMH will do, is start charging you for see PCMH stands for PEOPLE CARE MORE HERE (that used to be the slogan)and the bottom line is $$$$ for MRSA, the reason that it is so prevelent is because of the over and unecessasry use of antibiotics,,,so if you show up in the ED with a pus pocket, they are not going to culture every abscess, only those that look for the the CDC and state testing unless admitted,,,no meds unless you have an underlying chronic the public can change much of this if you don't like it..ask to be admitted to another facility this ain't the only hospital,,the powers that be will sit up and listen when you say, I think I want to be admitted at Wake Med rather than here,,,,,
  • by Billy on Oct 5, 2009 at 05:50 AM
    B- I used to think that too, Name is not a violation, hate to tell you but IT IS. Maybe you should get your facts straight as well. What do you think would happen to me, an Employee, if I were standing in the Elevator next to someone from administration and said " Did you hear about (Insert name here) who was admitted last Night"? Do you really think I wouldn't get introuble? Again, you would think that would be okay but I can promise you, it isn't. I mentioned no Medical info, just a name. My point is, what's the difference in me doing that and getting in trouble than visitors walking all over this hospital with the name of a patient on their shirt pocket. HIPPA is a problem but PCMH takes it to the extreme and does not stand behind there Employees when it comes the policy. What ever happened to the patients right to Privacy?
  • by BILLY on Oct 5, 2009 at 05:35 AM
    John Y- No termination involved here, just written up. I do work there and can tell you first hand that HIPPA is taken to the extreme here and it is not consistant. Like you said, PCMH is just looking out for THEM, not the Employees or the patient, they are looking out for themselves. They interpret the Law how they see fit. My point is that If I as an Employee am in the hallway and mention a patients name, If the right hears it I can be in a lot of trouble. Yet, according to this article, Now everyone who comes through the front door will be advertising who they are visiting with the patients name and room number on their shirt pocket. Like I said, I Personnaly don't have a problem with it, I just want someone to explain to me what the difference is. Kind of like a patient sharing a semiprivate room with another patient, how is that not a HIPPA violation? Doctor comes in room discusses care of one patient while another one listens.
  • by John Y Location: Richlands on Oct 5, 2009 at 04:17 AM
    Nor do I have a problem with the ticker I also was trying to make a point in if they really wanted to get picky. So many wear there feelings and intelligence on their shirt sleeve. No I'm not a HIPPA expert in any way shape or form. I'm sure the person who did say a person name had a little but more information that we are not privileged to, it was over heard and reported. Thus ended with termination. I would think PCMH is trying to look out for not only there interest but also the public's. I do not work there however , I do know a number of people who do. They all have spoken about HIPPA, the flagrant disregard for safety by many, this do not exclude staff. We as a general public are not overly concerned about the people who are to take care of us who dress in white. They do have many very and I say again very good staff. But hey are like any employer they have their 10% and it brings a bad name to all who work there. Has any one heard of JACO? They know the rules.

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