Greenville Rape Suspect Is A Convicted Sex Offender

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office arrested Aaron Creel of 1481 Belvior Highway-B in Greenville on Friday.

Creel , who is 27, is charged with First Degree Rape and is in the Pitt County Detention Center on a $200,000 dollar bond.

The North Carolina Department of Corrections website and the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry shows Aaron Wesley Creel has a 2006 conviction in Pitt County for indecent liberties with a child. Records show he was released from prison in September 2007.

Creel is due in court on July 1st.

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  • by aaron creel Location: greenville nc on Mar 25, 2010 at 07:05 PM
    will see
  • by Rooskie Location: Greenville on Jun 20, 2009 at 06:46 PM
    Wow, there is a bit of venon flowing here! OK you guys want to know how easy it is to be a sex offender? You believe someone is telling you the truth about their age. You accept statements to this "fact" from her relatives. Your attempts to be nice relieving them of the real "offender" result in being left alone with one that is duty bound to take advantage of the situation and call foul, premeditated foul. The courts do not allow a defense for this so unless you want to risk 40 years in prison, you plead to a lesser charge and then you pay the rest of your life. Meanwhile, the female is free to do this again. Of course, it is all too easy to be falsely accused and "raped" by the system! This case should be easily overturned as there is a huge amount of evidence in his defense, including a police report taken hours after the incident supposedly happened, for an unrelated accusation. Long story short, this is over MONEY someone else took! End of story, but then this story will NEVER end
  • by Kat on Jun 19, 2009 at 05:21 AM
    The Rookie: I have seen you take every single post on here into some context that doesn't even exist in it. You read stuff that isn't written and twist what is written. I hope they never call you for jury duty because you make stuff up that isn't there. I feel sorry for any innocent lives you will effect now and in the future because they surely won't have a chance to plead any case.
  • by The Rookie Location: G-Vegas on Jun 19, 2009 at 03:34 AM
    So it seems to me that Rooskie knows the "whole story" and is not willing to share and Kat seems to blame it all on the mothers and police...Well Well Well
  • by Kat on Jun 18, 2009 at 04:58 AM
    No I actually have brains. That was just an example of a situation that nobody can just remove themselves from because they might get accused of something. I say I wish they'd throw all the people without any sense in jail? Is that gonna happen? No! So that means I have to continuously put up with people like you with no sense that don't think about things from all angles. Just from the side they've heard. Well what about the other people's side. I'm not even talking completely about this person's case, I don't know them, I don't know what they've done. I am talking in general. Oh you forgot that a person could be accused just for hugging their own kid? Tell that to the kids who loved their father, who got put away, and they couldn't do anything about it. Because the cops made them say that the father did something when they didn't. You really do not think at all. Tell that once grown up goes and apologizes for something the police and their mother did.
  • by Oh please on Jun 17, 2009 at 08:23 PM
    To Kat: Seriously this is not about "hugging your kid" it's about this guy hugging OTHER PEOPLES' KIDS and THEN some. This has nothing to do with anyone being married to anyone and trying to leave. Good God are you brain dead? Apparently you must have the same bad decision makings as this guy. And Rooskie, do you not have a job, do you really have to put something up here every 5 minutes? You sound ridiculous.
  • by The Rookie Location: G-Vegas on Jun 17, 2009 at 12:54 PM
    Hey Rooskie: If "There is WAY more to this story than meets the eye" maybe you could delve into story a bit and we who are judging may see a different side.....
  • by Rooskie Location: Greenville on Jun 17, 2009 at 10:17 AM
    Kat, your insights into this situation are uncanny. You truly do understand. A conniving jealous boyfriend created this situation but did not even stop there. There is WAY more to this story than meets the eye. Apparently minding your own business, in your own bed, alone, recovering from surgery, can put you in a "situation". Judge not least you be judged!
  • by The Rookie Location: G-Vegas on Jun 17, 2009 at 09:31 AM
    Defend him or convict him it your own choice. Don't get me wrong I believe in the whole innocent until proven guilty theory unless their is a pattern and I see one...History has been known to repeat itself and I see it happening right here.
  • by Kat on Jun 16, 2009 at 01:53 PM
    Oh I'm sure not putting yourself in a situation works, with the conniving wives or husbands a person may be trying to leave? Oh wait it wouldn't! You cannot just not put yourself in a situation. If you are married to a person and you are trying to leave, that person could be plenty reasonable. But there are those that just want to get all the money they can and punish the person for leaving them. What's an easy way to do that now? Oh right it doesn't take much just a few little words and that person is guilty in the eyes of most people no matter whether they are innocent or not. It's all here say when there is no proof. So you are saying that you are going to stay away from your child just so you don't wind up in a situation where you can be accused of misconduct? You are not gonna hug your child? You are not going to support your child for fear of getting accused? Like I said it isn't always as easy as "keeping yourself out of the situation".

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