County Opposes Fuel Charge Increase

Currituck County commissioners say they're unhappy with Dominion Power's request for a fuel charge increase because customers are already struggling to pay their bills.

The Daily Advance of Elizabeth City reports that commissioners passed a resolution Monday opposing Dominion's plan to raise fuel charges for customer electric bills in 2012. The power company says the rate increase is needed to cover rising fuel costs, made worse by an unusually hot summer and cold winter last year.

Representatives from Dominion Power say the company's profits are not what they used to be.

County officials also questioned why Dominion's Virginia customers were allowed to spread out higher fuel costs over two years while that option was not offered to the company's North Carolina customers.

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  • by Vic Location: Utah on Nov 22, 2011 at 09:54 AM
    Well, I has happened, right here in the USA. But a new Fuel emulsion Product that burns clean and saves $$ is available. What is it? A fuel that uses 29% water and 1% nano-technology emulsifying process with 70 % fuel. Is this fuel easy to get? Not yet. But I am one of the people that is working to get the fuel used. works with diesel in fact even bunker fuel. It is a tough job but a difference can be made soon.
  • by Obama Snake Oil co Location: Washington on Nov 10, 2011 at 09:43 AM
    Harry, you couldn't be anymore accurate than what you posted. The brainwash that has been done to Americans on energy in this country is mind staggering. Global Warming, pollution....So, I as an American, have paid more money for heating oil over the past several winters, with more gallons of oil than I have ever used, with clean air outside that I have never had a single problem with, am supposed to believe the government? Then we are told that the spill, which Obama waited to send skimmer ships in as CIC, let oil get to shore for the media shots, but it was totally those rich oil companies at fault. I am supposed to watch the news and wonder, Mr Obama, the oil spill is getting bigger, when will you send the skimmer ships under you command? Mr Obama, you wouldn't allow oil to hit the shore to make a point we should buy solar panels from Solyndra, electric Cars from GM and Windmills from GE who pay no taxes in America? So I am supposed to not be aware of who your election supporters are? Oh, and then you blame it on the oil companies what your own EPA has done to attack the oil companies, even if it costs us more money for gas and oil. So your EPA has driven companies off shore not...but we can breathe better, we feel so much better with no jobs, no heat and no future for our kids other than flippin burgers. But we know you did it care about your election supporters and those rich guys you bash, that support you for election. It comes down to the comment by "kinston" are merely repeating the brainwashing the media wants you to believe. Do you remember the investigations of the oil companies and their profits? He said he was looking into it...remember. So when he didn't find anything what did he do? Still blamed them for what he has done...hey, its election year. You want lower utility bills, vote republican. If you want to keep watchin it go up, vote democrat...pick one.
  • by Harry Location: Goldsboro on Nov 10, 2011 at 08:22 AM
    Wake up folks. You want to blame the oil companies for the high fuel costs when you should look elsewhere. We refuse to drill and produce domestically and force it offshore. Oil companies are not going to close. You tell them they cannot drill here they will buy raw material elsewhere to meet demand here. How about we produce our own petroleum domestically rather than pay the high prices demanded for product from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Brazil. How about instead of loaning Brazil billions to invest in off-shore drilling we drill here. We import 4,885,000 barrels of oil a day (YES 4.( MILLION BARRELS A DAY) from OPEC - those pesky folks who use the money to finance their reign of terror from the Middle East and unstable Latin American countries run by such miscreants as Iranian Aminjihad or Fidel Chavez etc. How many US Jobs could we have for the incredible amount of money we export buying oil. At $97.00 per barrel(spot price as of Wednesday) that is an incredible $473,845,000.00 a day we send to depots around the world. One half of a BILLION DOLLARS A DAY goes to finance the pestilence we spend billions more on to destroy. At a 28% tax rate that would be an additional $133 Billion a year in Federal Taxes not to mention the windfall for the states. How many jobs would be created by $473 million dollars a day staying here in the US? How much more money would go into our tax coffers to cover Social Security, Medicare, and other costs from employees with good paying jobs but instead goes into the pockets of slimeball despots around the world. Wake up! It is time to bring our money home and quit financing despots which we invariably send troops to keep in check. It is your Son, Daughter or other relative you may save by not financing the opposition.
  • by kinston on Nov 10, 2011 at 06:11 AM
    Im not from this county, but why would people evn CARE that the power company's profits arent what they used to be????!!!!! We can barely pay the bills now. If they want to raise their profits talk the oil companies into sharing their billions with them.

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