FIRST ON WITN: Search Warrants Say Richardson Admitted Killing Wife

Search warrants obtained by WITN News say that murder suspect Cody Richardson told 911 dispatchers that he wanted to turn himself in because he had "just killed my wife, two nights ago."

Richardson, who was a Camp Lejeune Marine, is charged with killing his wife, Jessy. Police found the woman's body in the couple's apartment Monday afternoon.

Wednesday police released portions of the 911 call from Richardson, but deleted that portion given to the media. In the part that was released, Richardson says he contemplated suicide, but "I couldn't bring myself to do it".

According to court documents, police say they seized three handwritten notes from the apartment, a digital camera with memory card, medical documents belonging to Richardson, two smoking devices with residue, and a computer. Also seized were several belts.

Police say Richardson's wife was strangled to death.

Richardson, who was a corporal, was kicked out of the Marine Corps on Wednesday. He's in jail on a $1-million bond.

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A former Marine told a 911 operator that he planned to kill himself, but then couldn't bring himself to do it.

Jacksonville police have released 911 tapes where Cody Richardson apparently confessed that he killed his wife.

Cody Richardson remains in the Onslow County jail, accused of strangling his 21-year-old wife, Jessy, and leaving her body in their apartment for two days.

WITN News, and other media outlets, requested the tapes Tuesday morning. Police originally turned down our request, but then Wednesday released edited versions of two calls.

The first call appears to be from a friend of Richardson, who told 911 that Richardson was at his house and said he had killed his wife.

Caller: I don't know if he was joking or telling the truth, but he has completely freaked me out and told me that he killed his wife. 911: Do you know where he lives? (Unintelligible)

Caller: When he told me, I told him to get out of my house. 911: Did he say how he did it or anything? Caller: Uh, he said he had this note, that appeared to be a suicide note. Uh, telling that he did it...and that he had strangled her.

The second call is from Richardson, who was kept on the line until a police officer arrived at the apartment. Much of that conversation was edited out of the copy given to WITN.

911: You wrote a note explaining everything? Richardson: Uh, it pretty much explains the situation.

911: Are you suicidal, sir? Richardson: Uh, I was. It was actually a suicide note, um, and I was going to follow through on it last night, uh...but I just could not...I couldn't bring myself to do it.

A man arrested Monday night for killing his wife is no longer a U.S. Marine.

Cody Richardson remains in the Onslow County jail on a $1-million bond after appearing before a judge Tuesday. He's accused of strangling his 21-year-old wife, Jessy, and leaving her body in their apartment for two days.

Wednesday the Marine Corps announced that Richardson was administratively separated from the Corps. No other information was provided.

Richardson joined the Marines in 2007 and was promoted to corporal in May 2008.

They say Richardson deployed to Iraq in 2007 and has been awarded several medals, including the Iraqi Campaign Medal.

Jacksonville police say they believe a Camp Lejeune Marine left his dead wife in their apartment for two days before calling 911.

Corporal Cody Richardson is now charged with an open count of murder for the death of Jessy Richardson, who was 21-years-old.

Police say the homicide happened at Reserve Apartments.

At a morning news conference, police say it's believed the woman's body had been in the apartment for about two days. When police arrived, they found Richardson outside and immediately detained him because of what he said in a 911 call.

Police say the victim was found in the bedroom and Richardson told them he had strangled his wife. They believe she was killed as a result of a domestic dispute.

Sara Cisneros is a Marine wife who lives in the same apartment complex. "it's kinda scary, it's just a couple doors down, to know that's what happened...very shocking."

Cisneros told WITN News that she gets chills thinking about what happened and that the woman may have been dead for days.

Courthouse records show the two were married on May 21st, 2008 in Onslow County.

Camp Lejeune says the 22-year-old Richardson joined the Marine Corps three years ago and was promoted to corporal in May of 2008. The Marine is a anti-tank missile man, assigned to the 2nd Marine Regiment.

They say Richardson deployed to Iraq in 2007 and has been awarded several medals, including the Iraqi Campaign Medal. A Marine Corps news release says Richardson is from Carroll, New Hampshire.

Richardson appeared before a district court judge Tuesday morning who set his bond at $1-million. He has another court date on October 13th.

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  • by US MARINE WIDOW Location: florida on Feb 5, 2010 at 03:19 PM
    sorry L Word if you took my statement about councelling the wrong way. it is NOT the way i feel, it is however, the way that the usmc has always felt. they are marines, they don't need to be coddled, they just need to be efficient killing machines in times of war, period. this obviously needs to change
  • by L WORD Location: HAVELOCK on Oct 6, 2009 at 05:41 PM
  • by L Word Location: Havelock on Sep 28, 2009 at 02:06 PM
    You cant hide today's fact's but the truth is out there and it all come out in time .some of these people are very angry . remember it's all to protect and serve and remember our Hero's that why we have lost to them .there sould be more day's to remember our hero's of today and vet's are own kid's just see it as a day off from school. they dont even know or understand .Im sorry about the thing that do happen here on US soil, as well these USMC men, woman need Family & Marriage Counseling at least 4 time's a year .So we dont have it happen to our own friends family's or one's we dont know but keep us safe . let's do them a favor, by helping out . what the best that could happen safe a life a marriage or even a entire family. from Tragdy.
  • by us marine widow Location: florida on Sep 27, 2009 at 06:27 PM
    to john from longacre, i'd love to see your dd214. i'll guarantee that you weren't a us marine serving "somewhere near quang tri" in 1968 during the tet offensive. you can recite movie lines pretty well, though. if i were to speculate, your wife could tell us that you've got ptsd, just by your attitude, that is if you ever served and aren't just some blow hard that couldn't walk the walk if your life depended on it
  • by us marine widow Location: florida on Sep 27, 2009 at 05:39 PM
    all who have never served, go join.therapy is for the air force.ptsd used to be called shell shocked during korea & WWII.vets in their 60's, 70's & 80's are just being diagnosed with was also called combat fatigue & i'm sure there were names for it during battles as far back as time.those not yet experiencing it,wait,but for the grace of God, you could be next.i'm a little po'd with the marine corps right now,i guess semper fi is a one way street.what happened to never leaving a fallen soldier behind i've not read 1 word that says cody richardson is looking for a ptsd defense. how quickly we forget who volunteered & went to combat for us.why would some moron even bring up being husband,a 3 heart vietnam vet,spent his entire adult life dying as a result of his service to our country.inclusive were an open draining wound in his foot 30 yrs., ptsd not diagnosed until 1990's,selfmedication, alcoholism & more.the final battle,cancer from agent orange. God bless both familes ty
  • by Bi bye Location: Havelock on Sep 25, 2009 at 11:34 AM
    I know what you mean but being gay is diffrent them bi .bi's are people that well i put it nicelly need to see a doctor . when your gay you want a partner like other's and the USMC consider's it all gay . there's a diffrence to be loyal . and not to be .I do belive couple's in the Corp do need ( Family & Marriage Counseling } to make sure nothing traject happens . This kinda stuff is happing to much with couples ,it's like on the rise . please help stop the killing's
  • by Aperson Aperson Location: Havelock on Sep 24, 2009 at 06:32 PM
    Is BEING GAY A ILLNEES IN THE USMC maybe someone should look into thatnot say he is or her but there has been alot of that going on and is it ok with the USMC or do they kick you out for bieng you .
  • by John Y Location: Richlands on Sep 24, 2009 at 05:43 PM
    I was always taught to never slip up on or just walk in and wake a person up combat or not. If they was in a combat you had best not it could mean your life. You have no idea what they are dreaming if they even dream any more, there first response is to survive. By what ever mean possible. I also have found more than once with my time in that it is not so much the USMC problem because it is more of a civil matter unless it took place on base then they will be involved more. And trust me they will deal a heavy hand in it. If one looks back yes even during and after the Civil War many suffered from the war not only the ones who faught but many civilians. Look at US Grant he had his share of troubles. Just because he was the President did not make him amunned to it. Yes I agree he drank but one must ask why did he?
  • by Agree with annon at 10.49 pm 9/23 on Sep 24, 2009 at 06:35 AM
    annon, exceptional post (and the earlier one too). Most logical post I think I've ever read on this site. God bless all involved.
  • by Greg Location: Greenville on Sep 24, 2009 at 06:03 AM
    I'm glad he didn't have the guts to kill himself and I hope he doesn't get a death sentence. I think he should spend the rest of his days thinking about the life he took while he learns the "in's and out's" of prison. I'm quite sure there are alot of long term offenders that will be very pleased to teach him.

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