Grandmother Says Pit Bull Incident Was "Horrible Accident"

The grandmother of the four-month old baby whose toes were chewed off by a pit bull, is speaking out on behalf of her daughter, Robbie Jenkins.

Jenkins and her boyfriend of eight-years, Tremayne Spillman, were arrested Monday and remain in Onslow county jail facing felony child abuse charges.

Belinda Baker, Jenkins mother, says the couple has two other children ages two and three that are currently with Jenkins sister.

Baker also tells us her daughter was taking medication to calm her nerves and help her sleep and didn't hear the baby cry out. Baker says she just hopes the public is aware this horrible accident could happen to anyone.

Baker says her grandchild is doing well, although she has not seen the baby since the incident.

She also says her daughter works as a babysitter and house cleaner, and also donated plasma.

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  • by rocshelle franz Location: harmonsburg PA on Oct 6, 2009 at 10:46 AM
    All you statment only show you don'tknow my family wellat all. 1 You have never stated anything that could not be looked up on the internet. 2. you don't even have the fact correct (close family know the facts)That's why her family supports Robbi.)FAct that you dnt know: 911 call had them stop the bleeding .Showing the wound had just hppened,Hospital states that child color is good showing minimal blood loss,the child would have bleed to death in 6 minutes, He did not.(Evidence that screaming did not accour all night) And just because you cant name what woke you up (But was awoken)doesn't make you neglagent just honest.. Andif you realy knew them you would have known that the baby was a diabetic (which would have given a 60 70 percnt chance of not feeling anyting in his feet)..Since 60 -70 % of all diabetics have no feeling in the etremities it is called diabtic sensory neuropathy. So give her a break (it is highly possiple the baby never cried out) how can you wake to something that.
  • by Sickened relative Location: PA on Oct 5, 2009 at 03:20 PM
    Oh and by the way....this is my last post! I am NOT going to argue with childish people that NEED to grow up and learn that children are a precious thing in life that NO ONE should take for granted! Hope the children are placed in foster care and adopted by people that will TRULY LOVE AND CARE FOR THEM the way they DESERVE as all GOD'S children do!
  • by Sickened relative Location: PA on Oct 5, 2009 at 03:12 PM
    Oh and by the way ROCSHELLE...the child would not have been a regular would have been SCREAMING in PAIN...imagine YOUR toes being chewed off by a dog and the incredible pain that you would feel! You would not just cry but you would SCREAM! I believe that it is HARD to sleep through a SCREAMING not just crying BABY! Just STOP making EXCUSES already! It was NEGLECT or why else would the state put them in jail! And maybe they should HAVE HAD the baby in a CRIB instead of the couch...where the child could fall off!!! Stupid is as stupid does! And if you need to take a NERVE pill because of the HARD day of watching your own children then you don't need the children!
  • by Sickened relative Location: PA on Oct 5, 2009 at 03:04 PM
    Well I personally know quite a few relatives that YOU do NOT talk to and as for Belinda....she has claimed that she has many health issues herself through the years....therefore anyone that knows her knows that you CAN NOT believe a word she says about SUPPOSED HEALTH ISSUES! What kind of CANCER does she have? And what kind of MEDICATION is on? And as for my personal situation has NOTHING to do with YOU OR ANYONE! If I DO or DO NOT have a man in my life or children for that matter it is NOT the issue! A "NERVE PILL" because he had a "HARD" day of watching children...oh poor him...should of thought about how HARD it would be before having 3 children that they CAN NOT take CARE OF!!! END OF STORY! So Stop MAKING EXCUSES FOR THEIR NEGLIGENCE! If YOU HAVE contact with your relatives then you would who I am and why I feel the way I DO!!!! TOO many people in this world having children that DO NOT NEED NOR DESERVE THEM! Those children NEED to be placed with LOVING CARING people!!!
  • by Roshelle Franz Location: Harmonsburg PA on Oct 5, 2009 at 01:58 PM
    to sickened relative(NOT) I speak to most of my relatives through internet or phone. To claim that someone dosn't have close relations with someone just because they live to far to visit often, dosn't mean a thing in this hightech, world. (havent you heard of Facebook, instant messenger or e-mail).As to why I know Robbi has cancer.(Dah!) I talk to my relatives in the southren states. As well as it being publicly stated by Belinda on the internet.(By the way She is my sister) As to why Tramanyn slep I was told (by one of my sister you claim i dont talk to) That he had taken a nerve pill to sleep , since he had a hard day watching the children for Robbi (Bad idea yes), By your opinion that sleeping though a crying baby is not possible (I can deduct you have not had a man in your live long enough , to know that men CAN sleep through crying or screaming children)Any HONEST couple thats been togeather any length of time will admit to one of them sleeping through noise at night
  • by Sickened relative Location: PA on Oct 5, 2009 at 08:19 AM
    Oh and by the do you know the OPINIONS of MOST of the relatives on the subject since you don't talk to MOST of the them?! And you judge us because we don't believe the same things you do! I am not judging Robbie, just speaking the truth and like I said GOD will punish the parents in his own time. Just ashamed that the child WILL have a HANDICAP now for the rest of his life! I am so sad for the child! I still have to question WHY the father DID NOT hear the child cry....even if Robbie was on "medication", there is NO REASON why he would NOT have heard the baby! Maybe the baby should have been in a crib where the puppy could NOT have reached the child to begin with! Lying a baby on the couch is stupid to begin with...what if the child would have rolled off the couch and hit his head on the floor? Sounds to me like they don't know how to care for a child to begin with!
  • by Sickened relative Location: PA on Oct 5, 2009 at 07:42 AM
    I am a relative whether you choose to believe me or not...I am not going to disclose my name because I do NOT need people calling me and harassing me over what is MY opinion and I am entitled to it! So you haven't answered me as to how YOU know she has CANCER?! Are YOU a doctor NOW? Well I guess that was just a lie...another excuse! Why do you choose to make up excuses for people that do NOT deserve to be parents! This was an accident HOWEVER NOT hearing your child cry is NEGLECT! And for someone that lives far enough away from the rest of the family and doesn't talk to MOST of them, you sure do KNOW or so you think you know A LOT about everyone else! And FYI maybe you should STOP judging others! At least I am concerned about a child's well being and safety! Maybe you should THINK about that! Oh and YES our family is openly opinionated about their views however SOME of them are judgmental and get angry when your opinion is NOT the same as theirs!
  • by Sickened relative Location: PA on Oct 4, 2009 at 11:23 AM
    Well I am a relative whether you choose to believe me or not! Doesn't matter to me one way or another! But I choose not to say my name because I do not feel like having ppl calling me pissed off because I feel the way I do! YOU still did NOT disclose how you seem to know that she has CANCER! Guess that is something that isn't true...once again, everyone makes excuses for ppl....and yet has any EVIDENCE to back it up! It is just an EXCUSE! And for someone who lives so far away and has no contact with most of the sure seem to know a lot! But I am not here to argue....just leaving my opinion...which I AM ENTITLED TO DO! If you don't like then don't read it!
  • by rocshelle franz Location: Harmonsburg PA on Oct 3, 2009 at 06:51 PM
    OH, by the way for all you folk who can't put two and two togeather.Here is some info you should consider. 1 When the 911 call happened the child was still bleeding (this is evedence of a fresh wund) Why the child would have bled to death within 6 minutes of such a massive wound.. 2 The Hospital stated the child was in good condition ,with good color(evidence that not much blood was lost) ..All of this shows that there was not screaming all night. But that the ferensic evidence would suggest that Robbi was most likely subconsously stirred by the noise but not sure what woke here.. All evidence shows that it accoured very close to the time of finding the injury.
  • by Rocshelle Franz Location: Harmonsburg PA on Oct 3, 2009 at 12:12 PM
    I do not know who it is that claims to be the sickened relative: I am the Aunt of Robbi, and i know the opinion of most of the relatives about the subject. o , I doubt that you are related at all (But just someone who doen't have the guts to name themself)I know one thing about my family , they tell it like it is. :and you always know how (who) feels about a topic. So, if you are a relative you make me sick, because my relative don't do lowlife stabbing like you did. Even though the openness in our family get rough, it is refreshing.Because you know where you stand. As to the chicken liver that posted sickened relative. I doubt the truth to your claim.
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