Updated Info On Baby In Dog Chewing Toes Case

The baby whose toes were chewed off by a Pit Bull is now out of the hospital.

Deputies say the four-month-old baby was injured last week when a friend's dog chewed off the boys toes while he was on a pull-out sofa.

Robbie Jenkins, and her boyfriend, Tremayne Spillman, face felony child abuse charges.

The dog was euthanized Monday, and its brain tested negative for rabies.

Sheriff Ed Brown says the boy is now in a therapeutic foster home.

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911 Call From Father to Dispatcher

WITN has obtained the 9-1-1 call from an Onslow County home where a Pit Bull chewed off a baby's toes Monday.

"My girlfriend just woke me up," the caller told 9-1-1. "Ah, we, we had our friend's puppy -- he went to jail today -- and ah, the, the baby's missing a toe, the dog bit his toe off. I need an ambulance as soon as possible."

The dispatcher asks for the address, which is Murrill Hill Road, and tells the caller help is on the way.

The caller, who later identifies himself on the call as Tremayne Jenkins, is the baby's father. Lawmen say his name is actually Tremayne Spillman. Spillman and the baby's mother, Robbie Jenkins, face felony child abuse charges. Jenkins is attending to the baby during the call.

"Stay on the phone with me," the dispatcher says. "I'm going to get you help out there. You say the dog bit the toe?"

"I don't know," Tremayne replies. "She (the mother) just woke up, she was screaming and I went out there and he's missing a toe and there's some blood out there and the dog has blood on him."

Tremayne tells the dispatcher the baby is a four-month-old boy, and that he awake and crying. He tells the dispatcher they are not bad parents. Tremayne says he wants to kill the dog, but the dispatcher tells him not to.

Click on the link above to listen to the full 9-1-1 call.

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The mother of a four-month-old baby who had its toes chewed off by a Pit Bull and the mother's boyfriend remain behind bars.

The next court appearance is scheduled for Septemer 22.

Robbie Jenkins, and her boyfriend, Tremayne Spillman, face felony child abuse charges.

There is no official word if the boyfriend is the baby's father, but court records for Onslow County show a baby was born to "Robbi Jenkins" four months ago, and the baby's name is "Tremayne Spillman Jr."

The sheriff's office reported Wednesday there is no change in the baby's condition, which is stable. The baby remains at Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

WITN News first learned Wednesday the dog that chewed off a baby's toes tested negative for rabies. The dog was euthanized Monday, and its brain was tested for the virus.

The other two children from the home have been placed with family members.

Authorities tell WITN the 20-year-old Jenkins and the 23-year-old Spillman turned themselves into the Onslow County Sheriff's Office Monday night to be taken into custody after warrants were issued for their arrest.

The sheriff filed a search warrant Tuesday that allowed them to take Jenkins and Spillman to Onslow Memorial Hospital to have blood drawn as part of the investigation.

Bond for Jenkins was set at $50,000. Spillman was also served with an additional outstanding warrant from 2006 for felony breaking, entering and larceny charges. His total bond is $65,000.

Jenkins' four-month-old child had its toes chewed off by a 12-week-old pit bull the family was taking care of for a friend who had been arrested.

Officials say Jenkins and Spillman were sleeping in another room.

Jenkins claims she couldn't hear the baby crying because she was on medication.

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Onslow County, NC -- A baby had all the toes of his left foot chewed off by a Pit Bull, according to the Onslow County Sheriff's Office.

Lawmen say the baby could lose his foot.

The mother said she never heard the baby cry out and only discovered the injury when she went to change the baby's diaper Monday morning.

Sheriff's deputies say the mother, Robbie Lynn Jenkins, and her boyfriend, Tremayne Spillman, were taking care of the 12-week-old Pit Bull for a friend, after the friend was arrested Sunday night for possession of a firearm by a felon.

"Ms. Jenkins said she placed the 4-month-old victim on a foldout couch in the living room," reported the sheriff's office. "Ms. Jenkins said she and her boyfriend slept in the living room on another couch. She said her two other children were in the bedroom. As for the dog, he was unrestricted and could go throughout the house."

The mother told officials she never heard the baby cry out.

"Ms. Jenkins said she was taking medication and never heard the child cry out and only discovered the incident when she started changing the child’s diaper," the sheriff's office reported. "The child was transported to Pitt Memorial Hospital. Medical authorities indicated the child may also lose his left foot."

Both Jenkins and Spillman are facing felony child abuse charges.

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  • by sabrina Location: nc on Feb 1, 2010 at 02:53 PM
    ing to make sure the child is getting the best care possible. Robbie didn't mean for this to happen. And as far as what the state is trying to charge her with, felony abuse charges, it doesn't even fit the crime. She didn't abuse her son.
  • by Audra Location: SoCal on Jan 4, 2010 at 10:35 AM
    Almost 450 comments so I can't possibly catch up on them all but... I notice I lot of people talking about the breed of the dog, the fact that it was a puppy, and whether the baby cried. My one thought when I read this story was, why does anyone taking care of a friend's dog of any age (not their own) think that it's safe to leave it unattended in the same room with an immobile infant? If it isn't yours, you can't possibly know it's personality or habits well enough, even if you've visited.
  • by heather Location: jville on Dec 29, 2009 at 05:30 AM
    TO: roschelle Location: PA on Oct 6, 2009 at 03:33 AM :: If you're going to try to make a statememnt in their defense, please do try to spell words correctly. Occurrence, directions, mobile, occured. And please check your grammar. It's awful. I couldn't continue reading beacuse I was so distracted by your bad grammar & spelling.
  • by rocshelle Location: PA on Oct 6, 2009 at 12:33 AM
    Here are some things you might want to consider 1Most people do mot think a puppy will eat their kid 2 there are Medications that can knock you out.(like cancer medication that Robbi was on) 3 New flash many fathers sleep through a crying or screaming child.(It is common) 4 The 911 call said the child was bleeding :the 911 person gave derections to stop bleeding(evidence that when it accured and the find time where very close) since clotting start within 5-15 minutes. 5 The Hospital stated the childs color was good ( evidence of minimal loss of blood. Another evidence of find time and accurence time being near each other. 6 The child did not bleed to death. (with that injury and size should have accured within 6 minutes.) 7 At 4 months old a child is not moble(can not crawl or rollover) so putting them in the middle of a bed is totally safe. 8 there is the possibity the child did not cry out because he is diabetic,(many diabetics loose all sence of feeling in their toes)
  • by Anonymous on Sep 27, 2009 at 07:28 PM
    It doesn't MATTER what the parents did or didn't think that puppy would do! They did not respond to that babies cries to the horrible torture he was going thru!!!! THAT MAKES THEM BAD PARENTS! Could you imagine your mother laying within feet of you and having her ignore your cries for help? Oh, it makes me sick to think about it. Man, the pain must have been awful.
  • by Anonymous on Sep 27, 2009 at 03:52 PM
    They heard him. They were TOO LAZY to see what was wrong! I shutter to think what will happen if they get that baby back. I hope social services is more responsible than that! I fear the worst for that baby if he returns to these parents.
  • by Moma Location: NC on Sep 27, 2009 at 03:06 PM
    Everyone and anyone that defends this STUPID couple are complete and total idiots! I have 6 children and when they would make any noise, let alone screaming in horrific pain, I would instantly check on them. YES, I can judge. I am a mother. Nobody with children should be allowed to have Pit Bulls!!! Furthermore they should be muzzled in public to protect people and other animals. Yes, the dogs are a dangerous breed and are in the paper every single day in America for attacking and killing. Your not fooling anyone with your stupid comments about how your Pit Bull never hurt anyone. Well, give him time!
  • by Gods Blessing Location: nc on Sep 23, 2009 at 10:16 PM
    You know Ive read some of your comments and this is not about what breed of dog that harmed the baby but the fact the baby was in reach of the dog. And I'm sure the parents didn't think the puppy would hurt their child. For all we know the dog could have been asleep at one point and wake up we dont know how it came about. So until you walk a mile in their shoes you can't judge them. All you can do is wonder why. And Hope this never happens to any of you. What do you say when a child is back over by a car that a parent is driving. what do say? Do you ask how come they didn't know where their child was before they backed up. Or do you pray for them and try to understand it could have happen to you.
  • by heart to the baby Location: nc on Sep 21, 2009 at 11:13 AM
    One more thing to Michelle again.. Not that this is really the point we should be discussing but since you mention the issue of judgment..Funny how you defend the guy but you open your statement with a pretty heavy judgment against the mother.. Not that i am defending the mother, by any means no.. but Shouldn't he be held to the same standard of having a father's instinct as any good father should have? Or should he just have a free pass because you say he is good despite the reality we are facing? What about the baby, had you known him as a person, would you still have the same to say?... and another thing, as good as you say this father is, would you change places with this baby (and all that happenned to him) to have this father as your own (pretend this is possible)? Answer honestly to yourself, and I hope you see the flaw and the bias in your argument.
  • by heart to the baby Location: nc on Sep 21, 2009 at 09:33 AM
    To Michelle & "friends".. There were two so-called parents in the trailer, and neither heard anything?? really? you wonder about it yourself, shouldn't this clue you in?I hear baby on the other side of the house, any time, day or night.And i check every time, day or night.And I put the baby in the crib, day or night. I moved too, and I had the baby in the crib the last night in the house. I do not have any kind of animals around the baby, period.I ask a friend/relative to help if I need a night of rest, and not just drug myself with a house full of kids. what the??? really! These are simple things, for the rich or poor. So, accident like this does not just happen to good parents ulike some insist. They must step up to the plate and accept responsibility for their actions or lack of such, learn a thing or two and one day may redeem themselves. And you being a good friend and all should tell them that instead of making insulting lame excuses. Have respect for the baby, he is a human being

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