Judge Allows Sharp Coastal Homeowners Insurance Changes

A North Carolina judge has cleared the way for homeowners' insurance rates to drop in western areas and soar in coastal counties.

Click on the document above to see the proposed rate changes for your county.

Wake County Superior Court Judge Ron Stephens dismissed a bid to stop the deal negotiated between insurance companies and state regulators from taking effect on Friday.

North Carolina Insurance Department spokeswoman Kristin Milam said Wednesday the judge's decision allows the mix of rate increases and savings to go ahead.

The deal on homeowners rates reached in December would allow a statewide average increase of about 4 percent. But premiums will soar on the coastline, with Wilmington and nearby areas facing nearly 30 percent increases.

Residents in about 30 western counties could see lower premiums, with Charlotte seeing premiums drop 4 percent.

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  • by Dwayne Location: Greenville on May 6, 2009 at 07:47 AM
    Politics, lobbying and a questionable Judge. Change you can believe in. Vote the Judge out at the next election.
  • by S Location: ENC on May 6, 2009 at 06:59 AM
    Same old story...our wonderful State leaders robbing the poor to help the rich...some things never change...and its our fault for electing the thieves!
  • by Sam Location: Williamston on May 1, 2009 at 06:29 AM
    William, I bet you have NOT even set a budget for the government to CUT into.
  • by William Location: ENC on Apr 30, 2009 at 07:35 PM
    This rate hike will really CUT into my budget.
  • by SBK Location: NC on Apr 30, 2009 at 04:48 PM
    WITN. I've heard that the NC Legislature would vote on H426 and/or S428 today. Is there any information on this available? Thanks. And thanks for keeping this story out front.
  • by Tom Location: East of Raleigh on Apr 30, 2009 at 04:40 PM
    No need to worry.Our wonderful and amazing leaders in Raleigh and DC will look after us! They are all for us poor poeple.Thats why they got voted in. We need them! They gave us 95% a big tax cut.
  • by Obama Snake Oil Co Location: Philly on Apr 30, 2009 at 04:14 PM
    Thanks Gator, it just leaves me thinking how smart are most people in the US. They WORK FOR US. Well at least that is what our founding fathers had in mind that is why they came up with a constitution and a bill of rights. NC is now made up with transplants that really don't care about "US" and the locals vote the party not the man. That is the problem. Well folks, the democrat party isn't what it used to be. Learn about it pleeessssse. They aren't about you and me they are about them gay marriage, abortion and higher taxes. They don't care if it cost "you" more money, its about how they make more money. People pay attention as thing are more serious now then ever. Please learn about the candidates who will run this country and not the hype. It will hurt you and your family. Republicans, I am a democrat but I don't like what I read and see.......ever work for a poor man?
  • by Gator Location: NC on Apr 30, 2009 at 02:13 PM
    Obama Snake Oil Co Location: Washington on Apr 30, 2009 at 03:11 PM The comment you posted is so true, now maybe people will understand the government works for the people, not the other way around.
  • by Yvonne Location: Greenville on Apr 30, 2009 at 01:04 PM
    It is a crying shame to see hard working people suffer so much in this great United States, as I see it our pay check gets less and less and things like taxes, food , gas , and insurance of all type on a steady increase.. I hope not to live long enough to see a loaf of bread cost $20.00 and an gallon of milk, for equally the same,it feels so much like all this is just around the corner, then the next best thing to do in just to have State Officials actually go door to door to collect the last of what valuable you might have.
  • by Obama Snake Oil Co Location: Washington on Apr 30, 2009 at 12:11 PM
    "Its your fault". HUUUUUH? Do you remember heath insurance going up on smokers? Well, you said it was OK and they should. Well, pandoras box opened and you went along with it since you did not think of the "implications" of it happending. Insurance was a pot of money that came from everybody needing insurance. Well, you were OK with discrimination against smokers so, well, eastern NC is a "higher" risk area. You empowered them. Well overweight friends here guess who is next? You told the insurance companies it was OK now they will use it against you and whatever they want in the future. You were OK with taxing their smokes and booze when the state raised them on them and now they are looking at fattening foods. You wanted them to go after those mean rich guys that owned beach front and they sucked you into it to. Like I say, he who is without sin cast the first stone. By the way, I have never worked for a poor guy have you?

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