Wilmington Petition Opposes Taxpayers Paying For Baseball Stadium

As the city of Kinston is still without a minor league baseball team since the Indians moved to Wake County, some people in a southeastern North Carolina city have started a petition opposing tax payer money going towards the construction of a new baseball stadium.

Over the weekend, the group in Wilmington gathered to collect signatures for a petition. They say they're not against baseball, just tax payer money going towards building the stadium.If they get signatures from 25 percent of the total number of people who voted in the last municipal election- the public would have to vote on the plan to build a stadium. The city recently reached an agreement with the Atlanta Braves to move the Lynchburg Hillcats there in 2014.

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  • by Silly on Feb 21, 2012 at 04:46 PM
    Wilmington is NOT a baseball area. Doesn't even support the college or Summer League team it has now. A Low A Pro Team will whither and die on the vine there, leaving an empty stadium for the college and summer team to play in, in front of a handful of fans. Simply not part of the beach culture they so gloriously wrap themselves in. Greenville area could come much closer to supporting a team, but the summer's here are booked with baseball. Strictly a bad investment in Wilmington in an already dreary economic area. The developers have already pulled up stakes and seeking another coastal area to exploit...
  • by Anonymous on Feb 21, 2012 at 01:59 PM
    Sports stadiums are a POOR way to spend tax dollars because sports stadiums do NOT bring additional dollars to the community. In fact, they actually contribute to money LEAVING the community. First, people who attend a game are NOT going to the bowling alley or movie theater that night. They're probably not going to a restaurant to eat, either. They'll eat at the ball park. The net result of this is a zero sum for the community: money to the sports franchise rather than other local entertainments. Now, sports leagues typically have revenue sharing agreements. That is, the visiting team gets paid for playing in the stadium. So a part of the gate for any game goes to the visiting team, who takes the whole pile of money out of town that very night. Sports should be privately, NOT publicly, funded.
  • by taxman Location: wilson on Feb 21, 2012 at 12:52 PM
    No,no,no and NO! No tax money spent on this nonsense. Put it to a vote to determine if the citizens want to take on an additional tax burden for this. If it is going to bring in that much business and tax revenue, put an additional tax on admission,comcessions and restuarants . If you want it ,pay for it. NC can't afford education for its students and now the politicians want to spend tax money on a stadium to play a game 3 months of the year ? Bunch of losers. No wonder Caterpillar chose Georgia for their manufacturing plant !
  • by Pete Location: Grifton on Feb 21, 2012 at 09:48 AM
    To DUH! I do.I want to see millionaires play sports and while I eat $5.00 hotdogs,A$5.00 small box of popcorn and $5.00 small soda and my kids wear ragged shoes.
  • by really? on Feb 21, 2012 at 07:15 AM
    The problem with news sites allowing just anybody to read half a news story and make ignorant, non-informed comments on these websites. who is paying for the new $15 million dollar practice facilities? Not tax payers, which means the people paying for these nice sports facilities are not the ones who would be paying for gas money for your kids to get to school. They are people who are trying to donate their hard earned money to make facilities more appealing to better athletes in hopes of moving to a better conference. And did any of you think what that would mean for this area? More revenue coming to local business owners while boosting the local economy. Wake up and smell the coffee, and quit being so negative about EVERYTHING this city does to improve itself. If you want to live in a stagnant town with no hopes of growing, then move to Kinston. you negative whining bettys are what bring this country down.
    • reply
      by Really... Really? on Feb 21, 2012 at 11:20 AM in reply to really?
      salaries for coaches and chancellors continues to sky rocket and yet tution goes up and teaching positions get cut! Why can't the taxpayer get a cut from the profits? Why is there no clause to allow taxpayers to get paid back? because money controls!! and workers/taxpayers have to pay for everything else! Look what happened in Charlotte!! If folks want to contribute some of their money for it that's OK, NOT my tax $$. Big money now controls NCAA and where teams play, not rivalry anymore. If you want representation, just by a politician. If you want justice in court, just hire a expensive lawyer. If you're a poor working man you're SOL!! We've allowed big money to corrupt our polictical, justice, school and now tax spending!! It's enough to make you sick. If you want to contribute to a new stadium, fine. But leave MY TAX MONEY ALONE!! fix potholes, hire a cop or a teacher, or firefighter. Let the billionare owners and millionare players build their own stadium, OR allow tax payers a way to get their money back!!! STOP THE CORRUPTION!!!! Bankers lose money and get their bonuses and then the taxpayer gets the bill for the bailout??!! When will it end??!!
    • reply
      by the real story on Feb 21, 2012 at 02:41 PM in reply to really?
      Let me know when ECU makes up that 100 million they have spent! Geez! wake up open your eyes at what is really going on. Do you actually believe no tax money is being used? Coaches salaries, AD Salaries,all the building if you believe the booster clubs pay for all this you need serious psychological help. As far as being in a bigger conference give it up! There are 5 div1-a programs in the state and about to be 6 when App State does what ECU has done, there going to throw hundreds of millions at getting into the bcs, they will waste so much that could go to good causes like educating students!How much more is tuition going up but AD Holland isn't getting cut! Lets say you get into a bcs conference then it will be 100's of millions more trying to climb out of the basement of the conference, then you'll say if we add another 10,000 seats then will do this and that and win it all! It is ridiculous if you want a football program like Alabama, then support Alabama. Basketball like Duke,then support Duke very few programs make it big big and you know it! It ain't happening at ECU , that peach bowl and #9 ranking was a 1 time thing! Get real, think about it! Lets say ECU goes bcs goes 11-1 again would it be worth it spending all this money to get told by back room ncaa politics they would still end up in a lesser bowl because programs like ECU in and out of bcs conferences are not allowed by backroom ncaa politics to finish top 10! There are only about 15 ncaa football programs with a chance to win it all and none of them are in NC! If ncsu or unc went undefeated they would not play for it all either, they have an inside for basketball not football ,wake up America stop wasting your money on stadiums and athletic junk !
  • by realistic sports fan on Feb 21, 2012 at 06:06 AM
    This country needs to stop building needless sports stadium after stadium. One can visit Europe and see part of the Roman Coliseum, but take Dallas for instance Texas stadium was blown up and replaced by Jerry World! Its just stupid , look at ECU they want a 15 million dollar facility to just practice in, that 15 goes with the other 100 million they have spent building stadium stuff to try to get in a bcs conference. If anyone thinks tax money was not used for any of that they probably still believe the world is flat and are to gullible to have a conversation with anyway! The waste on sports in this nation is ridiculous! I am a sports fan but folks don't need to live in these stadiums they buy a ticket stay there for a few hours and go home, these places don't need all the amenities of home ,its just stupid! This nation is in a financial mess and will be for some time, stop building this junk, while school systems are trying to figure out how they will keep buses on the road with these high fuel prices.
    • reply
      by Sam on Feb 21, 2012 at 02:33 PM in reply to realistic sports fan
      To realistic sports fan, without ECU football, Greenville would be half of the size it is. Also, expanding the stadium is worth it when enough people buy tickets to make it a sellout. If ECU was as good as someone like an Alabama or Florida in football, then ECU would end up having to charge as much as $100-$200 for just one ticket, raising the revenue. These new facilities are an investment. ECU redone their whole baseball stadium so ECU would be able to host regionals and superregionals and so that more money would get pumped back into the local economy. It's known as an INVESTMENT.
  • by Melvin Location: Jacksonville on Feb 21, 2012 at 05:08 AM
    This isn't the city's monopoly play money. Who are those within the city to enter into a sports agreement? The City needs parks, swimming pool, and safe places for kids to play and city folk to safely exercise. Sidewalks, sewer, water, and infrastructural needs to be addressed before building some baseball stadium. If there is so much tax revenue that is itching in the city fathers hands then reduce the property and sales tax. Bottom line, tax payer revenue does not belong to the city to spend like play money, it belongs to the citizens who do pay the taxes. Whoever thought of this stupid idea needs to be tossed out of office.
    • reply
      by Sam on Feb 21, 2012 at 02:30 PM in reply to Melvin
      Uh, Melvin, Wilmington has several different parks, golf courses, swimming pools, playgrounds, etc. There is the beach, 2 beaches to choose from, Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach. Wilmington already has a lot going for them. I do agree that they don't need another baseball stadium. They have the Wilmington Sharks and both Kinston and Myrtle Beach are not that far from Wilmington. A stadium would be a waste of taxpayer money when their taxes are already outrageous.
  • by j Location: nc on Feb 21, 2012 at 04:59 AM
    If this is about Wilmington, why the references to the Kinston Indians? It makes the whole article confusing. Which city reached an agreement with the team?
    • reply
      by Anonymous on Feb 21, 2012 at 08:24 PM in reply to j
      There has been no agreement. The Atlanta Braves, the parent team for Lynchburg of that Carolina League have stated that if a stadium is built in Wilmington, then they (Braves) will buy the Lynchburg franchise and move it there (Wilmington.) Atlanta owns all of its farm teams with the exception of Lynchburg. From what I have read, any moves are contingent upon a new stadium being built in Wilmington.
  • by Bill Location: ENC on Feb 21, 2012 at 04:57 AM
    Just follow the money and you will see the tax payers will receive very little while a few receive will receive a lotalot. The officials running Wilmington need to concentrate on government noit making money. It would not be on the table if a law forbid the elected officials, their friends, their business parteners and their relatives from receiving one cent of the profits (that includes increased revenue from tourist and people coming to town to see a game)
  • by Formerly O.L.I. Location: ENC on Feb 21, 2012 at 04:55 AM
    I can understand that. Times are tight. Tax monies are already used up for other things. Use private donations and fund raisers. Some people don't go to ball games anyway.
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