Funeral For Murdered Teen

By: Brittany Gunter
By: Brittany Gunter

Saturday afternoon over a hundred people came out to St. Peters Church of Christ Disciples of Christ in Kinston to remember 17-year-old Rasheed Jones.

Madison Warren, Jones Friend, said "he used to joke around, every time you turn around he was joking, always had a smile on his face no matter what"

Justina Williams, Jones Friend, said "he was a nice people person, he got along with everybody."

Jones was gunned down on Independence Street in Kinston in the middle of the afternoon a little over a week ago. He later died at Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

17-year-old Kyliel Wade turned himself in for Jones murder. Another 15-year-old has also been arrested and charged with murder. Police say they are still searching for a third suspect.

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  • by Russell Location: Charleston on May 3, 2010 at 04:35 PM
    First thing both parents were there and in his life he got into mischief as any 17yr old boy would but nothing to this level it was just pure hatered. Like any other child I taught my son to follow your own path and walk in your own direction. You can hang with a crowd and still maintain your own opinion. HE traveled and saw the world not just the back drops of photos or TV we inforced respect but at the same time let him know that ppl would take advantage of you so establish that there is a line I will let you get to but not cross. Stand for something or you will fall for anything was our quote
  • by green Location: Greenville on May 3, 2010 at 09:49 AM
    Take time and pray for the situation. Thursday is National Prayer Day. He withour sin cast the first stone. Read Proverb first chapter. The bible is rght gangs didn't just start, it been going on. We got to teach our children and live right. Righteousness exalt a nation and sin is a reproach to all. The family need a healing. Stop the foolish and backbiting
  • by ida Location: goldsboro nc on May 3, 2010 at 03:18 AM
    i don't understand these children,what was the motive for killing this young man. whatever he had that they wanted,or whatever had done to them,please tell me what has this proved. they are going to jail for a long time. i wonder if they know they will never be able to be a father,help rear a child,hear a child say "daddy",enjoy the park,a fair,or go to another basketball game. do they know that they will never be along again, someone will watch and tell you when to use the toilet,take a shower,when and how much to eat. these boys are 17,and 15 years old, if they live to be 60 years, that's a long time to not enjoy a tree, or just the wind blowing on your face.young people keep letting the devil fool you. what is your freedom worth?
  • by Data Man on May 2, 2010 at 08:18 PM
    JT, These kids were just mean! If they didnt know any better then they would not have ran and turned himself in later. Parents have some influence but there comes a time when you are old enough to know right from wrong. These kids just wanted to be bad and look where they are now. People talk about fathers not in the home and stuff like that. Women been raising kids alone for years. So thats no excuse at al!
  • by A Mom on May 2, 2010 at 03:56 PM
    Well said OutSideLookingIn! Pray for peace for the family.......
  • by JT on May 2, 2010 at 11:39 AM
    Two 17 year olds and a 15 year old wrapped up in a murder. I grieve for the boy, but I am ANGRY at who ever was "responsible" for these boys' upbringing. Where was Mom and Dad? 3 lives gone forever, and we shake our heads and say how sad it is and then move on, while the manufacturing of this type of thing continues. African Americans love to stand on a soap box and talk about community involvement, strong men and women and Christian Parenting, but when it comes down to it, this is all we hear. Even after DECADES of assistance from local/state/and federal goverment through programs designed to help youth make the right choices. I am a volunteer in a youth organization in my town, and I can get VERY little help from black parents when I ask them to even so much as BRING thier child to meetings. Not asking for them to do anyting, just bring them. It's like beating my head against the wall, and still nothing. NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL PARENTS CHANGE. Mothers/Fathers love you kids
  • by OutsideLookingIn Location: ENC on May 2, 2010 at 10:42 AM
    Not many comments here, so I will leave mine. I do not like gangs, gangsta rap, gangsta anything. I do not know that this young man was 'in to' any of that, but someone in that neighborhood had that mentality. He is gone now. I do see the child, that once was, in the photo. My sympathies to his family. It's terribly sad. If only our youth could understand that there are some mistakes/actions that cannot be changed. The hurt from these actions is like a pebble bounced across the water; the ripples continue beyond the pebble. I surely pray that the remaining youth will take heed, and stop the madness, to use an old cliche.

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