School District Cuts Positions

With less state money to go around for schools--one school district here in the east is preparing for reduced funds by cutting jobs now.

After cutting thirteen jobs in June--the Pamlico County school board held another meeting Monday night to discuss a second round of job cuts.

Pamlico County superintendent James Coon spent about ten minutes explaining to the board the need to cut jobs. The board took over 30 minutes to decide.

The vote was unanimous--the school board voted to cut five certified or teacher jobs, and six and a half classified jobs, or those other than teachers.

Dr. Coon says the teachers will be decided upon and notified as soon as Tuesday.

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  • by anonmyous Location: pamlico on Aug 6, 2009 at 11:12 AM
    this is wrong education is the most imporant thing no child left behind program is a crock dont leave one child leave the whole county why not obama dont care has long has he gets his pay check
  • by Anonymous Location: NC on Aug 6, 2009 at 07:09 AM
    This article is already forgotten. People would rather read about some guy catching a fish than a local district cutting a huge amount of teachers. That says a lot about NC. It ain't no wonder people call us hicks.
  • by I feel you Location: nc on Aug 5, 2009 at 06:44 AM
    It's just going to get worse. Your president preaches education,education. OK ,what is wrong with this picture?When are you people going to wake up and see what is happening?Oh, I know ....when it's too late.
  • by Craig Crawley Location: NC on Aug 5, 2009 at 06:31 AM
    Seems to me that nobody here cares, this story is already buried. No wonder NC consistently ranks at bottom, as one of the worst states in the country for education. People just don't care. If something like this happened in Maryland or Pennsylvania, people would be up in arms. Not here though, where all anyone wants out of their kids is a steady supply of labor for low-paying service sector jobs. The expectations people have here of their kids, and of education itself is pitiful. Do you know it takes over 10 years in NC to reach the starting salary of a teacher in PA, MD, VA or other states with a strong educational reputation? Most teachers in NC aren't going to make it that long.. not with the once-a-month dismal pay, lack of union, poor working conditions, extensive discipline problems, crime and violence in the NC schools. Pamlico has some nerve to fire 24 people since June.. and this new batch of 11 people, after just a half-hour discussion? Miserable.
  • by Craig Crawley Location: NC on Aug 4, 2009 at 06:36 PM
    Guess this is how much Pamlico county values its educators... fire them a couple weeks before the new school year starts so they can't even find new jobs in time. They discussed this for a half hour? Wow. That says a lot.
  • by Anonymous on Aug 4, 2009 at 04:27 PM
    Why do think registered Homeschoolers are growing at an exponential rate? Did you ever hear of any school and its administration cutting its funding in order to keep teachers?
  • by Dave Location: Wilson on Aug 4, 2009 at 03:26 PM
    Some people here insulting people for being "mis-informed" are the most uninformed on this board. The Lottery was pushed through when some legislators were unable to make the vote and had been approved to be absent because there was not supposed to be a vote. Bev Perdue had a large part in that scam. The Lottery fund has also been tapped by the Dems in Raleigh and used for non school budget items. And it is also true that every Grade 1-3 classrom has a teacher and an assistant. There are no stats to support keeping a single teaching assistant. Grades have not gone up and behavior problems have not gone down since they were installed. They may not make a lot but if you add their total salaries up it comes to millions. And they serve no purpose. Stats also show that increasing classroom size by 2 students DOES NOT diminish the quality. People are justified in blaming Perdue and ALL of the Dems. They allowed the budget to balloon and now it is time to pay.
  • by Cactus Location: Strabane on Aug 4, 2009 at 02:28 PM
    Bev and Obama says shoot yourself in the foot, Lavon.
  • by Concerned parent Location: New Bern on Aug 4, 2009 at 01:08 PM
    If you would get rid of some of the board admin positions there would be money to keep at least three teachers. What are we doing to our children?
  • by Concerned Location: NC on Aug 4, 2009 at 12:34 PM
    I'm pretty concerned with the mis-information you all have. Brick and mortar people, that's it. That keeps your county from having to raise your taxes every few years when they need an addition or a completely new school, or from pushing bonds and getting into more debt. And it's funny that we're all blaming Perdue for this. We were all fat and happy for years but as soon as something goes wrong, we want to blame the people trying to fix it and not the ones who caused it (e.g., Obama situation). And Disgusted B...what school in NC has 2 to 3 teachers per room? Are you talking about K and 1st grade classrooms with teacher assistants that make less than half of what a teacher does?
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