Death Penalty March

Death penalty opponents are planning a 300-mile walk around eastern North Carolina to lobby for abolition of capital punishment in the state.

The group called Sojourners for Abolition and Reconciliation began walking Sunday in Raleigh on a route that will take the walkers to Wilson on Tuesday. The route includes Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Greenville, Kinston, New Bern, Jacksonville, Goldsboro and Smithfield.

The march is scheduled to end June 30 at the state Legislature.

Organizer Scott Bass said the walk is to remember murder victims, people on death row and all their families.

The march sponsors are Nazareth House and co-sponsored by People of Faith Against the Death Penalty and other groups.

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  • by Wanda Location: Kenansville on Jul 24, 2009 at 11:32 AM
    Ank, seek spiritual guidance concerning your question. Until then, those in AUTHORITY has the right to fry. If the killer, did kill another.
  • by Ank Location: Greenville on Jul 4, 2009 at 01:28 AM
    Wanda: Groups like myself? You should re-read my comment, I think you missed my first sentence. So this Bible says thou shalt not kill in one book, then in another book it says the authority may kill a criminal. Hmm, a contradiction in the Bible, what a surprise.
  • by Wanda Location: Kenansville on Jun 28, 2009 at 03:53 AM
    When groups of this nature, decides to walk for the rights to save a convicted, DNA proven, evil sadistic killer from the electric chair it makes my skin crawls. I hope it rains. On the other hand, people who are on death row and may be innocent should have groups like this to stand up for them, but my problem is that this group wants to keep everyone who is on death row-alive. What the hell are you people thinking? Once a convicted killer said, "If I am ever released, I will kill, again." To the organizer,Scott Bass, what do you say now about saving killers from the "hot seat?" I say, "send them back to the pits of hell-fast." Scott, if you want to walk for a cause google the case about Troy Davis.
  • by Wanda Location: Kenansville on Jun 27, 2009 at 04:36 AM
    I am for capital punishment, and I am a Christian. Ank, the bible states that if someone takes another life those in authority has a right to take their life. It's called, natural laws. The court system should make sure that the murderer is guilty. I support the victims, and I honor the authority that I am given. I say fry'em. I have a couple of convicts in mind that should've already been fryed, but groups like yourself protect "evil deeds" or you the hypocrite?
  • by Ank Location: Greenville on Jun 21, 2009 at 01:08 AM
    I am for capital punishment. With that said, any Christian who is for capital punishment is a blatent hypocrite. If you are a Christian and you support capital punishment you should read your Bible again. Don't pick and choose the parts of the Bible you agree with while ignoring the parts you don't like. Also don't twist words around or add things to make it fit what you wish the Bible would say like Buzz did. He purposely put the word "innocent" in the definition of murder when in fact murder is not taking an innocent life, it is the intentional taking of a life. Don't be like Buzz and try to make the Bible fit your ideals. Christians, I say unto you, you have a choice to make here and now. God himself may have sent me to present this choice to you. The choice is this: Good Christian who follows the Word of God...or hypocrite. The choice is yours.
  • by Kevin Location: Kinston on Jun 17, 2009 at 08:20 AM
    To Anonymous about capital punishment not affecting crimes being done, I think if you check back when Texas was executing murderers everyday they had a decrease in Homicides. I do agree with you about Death Row being expensive however if you don't let criminals sit there but for a couple of months before you do away with them then the cost would be lower. And you are right about it is not up to us who lives or dies but a murderer made that choice to kill someone so they made the decision for themselves that if caught they to should be put down. Rope ($3.00) tree on side of road ($0.00) cheapest way to go, why spend taxpayers money on injection or electrocution when you can use a rope over and over again?
  • by John L Location: New Bern, NC on Jun 17, 2009 at 07:28 AM
    Remember, people can be forgiven for their sins, however, consequences still remain. Shawn was a 17 year old who killed both of his parents. On death row he accepted Christ. An interview followed. He said he believed in the death penalty because of what he did, however, he also knew he was forgiven and would be in heaven with his parents and more importantly, Jesus. Check out the online poll and see how many still believe we should keep the death penalty. It has been proven it can deter crime if used quickly. With DNA nowadays, there's no reason a criminal should spend 20 years on death row. If guilty and proven guilty, take care of them within a week and this would give the families closure. Be blessed everyone and no matter what we think, God is still in control!
  • by MARIA RITA Location: Austin, TX on Jun 17, 2009 at 02:08 AM
    Iris, Murder means MURDER. It is murder when you kill someone and when the state kills in your name, it's also called Murder (state-sanctioned.) Take a look: All our support for the march!
  • by Anonymous on Jun 16, 2009 at 04:50 PM
    Good for you, Iris. Now, open your science fiction book back up.
  • by Iris Location: Eastern N.C. on Jun 16, 2009 at 04:16 PM
    Way to go Buzz and FrdUp-I fully disagree with this march, this seems more like a march to satisfy themselves. They need to read; Numbers 35 :16-19 and Deuteronomy 19:11-21. The 6th commandment: You shall not murder (Murder means, criminal homicide). To Anonymous posted 6/16 @ 01:49PM DO NOT GROUP all christians together,anyone that pulls a stunt like this are just play acting christians and if they are atheist,( than have at it, way to go,have a good trip) and all the clinques that go with it. I will not sign my name as Anonymous, I am proud to be a Christian and will not hide behind any other name.
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